Download WPS WPA TESTER FOR PC (Windows & macOS)

WPS WPA tester is an application that will help you check the status of wireless network connection via WPS ( WI-FI protected setup )protocol.

It is a fact that your access point has WPS enabled, which is why you should turn it off. This application will help you know about the vulnerabilities of your WI-FI for timely handling.


Besides that, you can secure your WI-FI password by changing it as soon as it is being accessed illegally.

WPS and WPA tester has features which make it the finest application for safe monitoring of a WI-FI network. One of the features of this application is that it allows the user to acknowledge any unauthorized access to the WI-FI network.

The application works by detecting whether the WPS protocol of the user WI-FI network contains any vulnerabilities. WPS WPA tester also allows the user of the application to view all the passwords to the network they are already connected to.

To use this application properly, you will need to have a rooted device and the application “busy box” installed for it to work without any mishap. It is best recommended to use this application exclusively on your own terms.

WPA and WPS may seem similar, but they do different sets of tasks for security purposes. WPA ( WI-FI protected access ) and WPA2 (WI-FI protected access to version 2 ) are two protocols that provide security to your running devices by using encryption for safe access and ongoing connection between connected WI-FI networks.

WPS, which is (WI-FI protected setup ), is a technology made solely to automize the production in the initial setup of a WI-FI connection. WPS does not use any encryption but can bypass any encryption which might be in use.

If you have set up a new wireless router and if it is also equipped with the WPS option, then the setup in the initial stage will become almost effortless. This technology tries to make a secure connection between a wireless device and a router in a faster way.


  • Install the application from the play store or the website.
  • Agree to all the terms and conditions
  • The application automatically scans through all the WI-FI networks available near your device
  • Select the WI-FI network as per your choice
  • As soon as you select the WI-FI network of your choice, three options will appear on your screen, select the manual pin option and click on it.
  • Select the pin that you recognize and click on the root.
  • The application will automatically connect.
  • As you allow the application to work, it will show the password on your device screen.

Things to consider

  • Turn off the WPS ability of the router because then it will be easy for others to tap into the WPS of your device.

How to disable WPS

The procedure to disable the WPS differs according to the router manufacturer.


  • WPS Is not available in Apple devices; you are already protected.


  • Firstly, you have to open the web browser, then type “” in the address bar.
  • Then, you are required to enter the administrator username and password ( make sure the default username and password is admin ).
  • Select the advanced settings then click on to wireless.
  • Choose the WPS in the tab.
  • Switch the enable WPS to toggle to off position.


  • Firstly, you have to open the web browser, then type (or http://router) in the address bar on your screen.
  • Select login which will be in the upper right corner
  • Enter the router password (default of this would be to leave it blank )
  • Click on submit.
  • Select onto the WI-FI protected setup, which you will find under the wireless menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Change the WIFI protected setup, which you will find under the wireless menu on the left side of your device screen.
  • Change the WI-FI protected setup drop, which you will find in the drop-down list switch it into disable.


  • Open the browser of your device screen and type “” into the address bar shown.
  • Login into the router settings ( the default in username is admin and password will be 1234)
  • Select on to wireless setup shown in your device screen
  • Select on to WPS
  • Click onto the blue button and switch onto disable WPS.


  • The routers which are used in buffalo are not affected by the WPS  problem.


  • Open the browser and enter the required IP address of your router. cisco device contains features of different options that allow you to get both IP address and default username and passwords for your particular hardware.
  • Select the wireless then onto the WIFI protected setup, which you will find from the menu.
  • Click on off to disable the WPS.
  • Select onto the save option and apply it to your settings.


  • Open the browser and type “” into the address bar on your particular browser.
  • Log into the setup (the default username will be admin, leave the password blank).
  • Select on to the setup tab
  • Clear the checkbox and save the settings.


  • Linksys routers are no longer affected by this kind of problem. You cannot turn off the WPS, but the routers prevent attacks on the pin, so these routers are resistant from these sorts of attempts used by common hacking applications.


  • Type into the address bar of your browser
  • Enter the username and password as per required (the default username is admin and the default password is password).
  • Select the advanced setup and click onto the wireless settings.
  • Under WPS settings, choose the disable router’s pin in the checkbox on your device screen.
  • Apply it and save the settings.
  • If you want the WPS back again, you simply have to log into the router and enable it back again.
  • Only two things can hinder your smooth access to the application

1. First is you have to root the application; otherwise, it won’t work to its fullest.

2. Second is the WPS pin. In most cases; it fails to work because of the wrong pin.

  • If you want the WPS back again, you simply have to log into the router and enable it back again.
  • Only two things can hinder your smooth access to the application

1. First is you have to root the application; otherwise, it won’t work to its fullest.

2. Second is the WPS pin. In most cases, it fails to work because of the wrong pin.

Extraordinary features

  • WPS  WPA tester provides you with some of the best features. It is easily accessible to all the devices you wish for it to work on. It is multi-device supportive; and works on devices such as IOS, mac, windows without any hindrance.
  • It works really fast and presents to you the fastest results possible. It detects the available WI-FIs in seconds and constantly alerts you with security alerts.
  • It consumes very little internet data because of its fast performance. You can save data and also simultaneously do other tasks while the application is working in the background.

How to install WPS WPA tester into your pc

  • Firstly, you would be required to download blue stacks from their official website. This emulator can run on any windows.
  • After it is installed run “bluestack” on your pc and then open google play store on the emulator.
  • As you open the google play store, search for WPS WPA tester.
  • Install the apk file for the tester and download it through the emulator.
  • As the installation gets completed, you can see the WPS WPA icon occurring on your emulator.
  • Click on the icon and follow the instructions appearing on your screen to run the WPS WPA Tester on your pc successfully.
  • Please note that the WPS WPA tester will only work on your personal computer when the blue stack emulator is open. Therefore, ensure that you are running all the browsers on the computer through the emulator for secure WI-FI connections.

How to use WPS WPA on your desktop.


  • To use the WPS WPA tester in your desktop smoothly you would need the following requirements:-
  • Firstly, you would need windows 10 version 16299 (with the fall creator updates in it ) at the least.
  • Download and install the Dotnet 3.1.
  • You will easily get the WPA WPS tester application in the play store or application gallery when you’re surfing through.
  • Your personal computer must at least contain one wireless card.

How does it work?

To make the application work on your computer:-

  • Firstly, you must scan with the android application and choose a network that you would want to test (make sure you have the consent before you test it )
  • Do not close the application; you have to disable the WI-FI and enable tethering ( you can save your data by turning it off if you want ) and change the password of your hotspot as per your convenience.
  • You would be required to connect your personal computer to your WI-FI hotspot which you enable before ( at this point you would not be in need of internet connection in your personal desktop )
  • Open up the directory which contains the extracted downloaded desktop application, which would be archived, and you would be required to double click on the icon, which contains a logo and keep it open.
  • Now, from the android application, click on to “ TRY TO CONNECT FROM DESKTOP” then click onto the OK  button (the application will automatically retrieve the IP address of that connected device which you chose through your android device).
  • Check the application in your desktop screen, if everything seems to be alright, it will automatically scan for PINs, and if through scanning one of the PIN matches, then the password will be shown in your screen in QR code way now you can easily connect using your android device camera application.
  • Errors may occur in your desktop application. We have mainly found three kinds of errors, and that are:-
  • Your application can show invalid credentials, which means that the pin that was generated was incorrect or wrong.
  • It can also show timeout, which means the access point did not respond back to you.
  • The unexpected error, which means that the access point of your selected connection is about to lock its WPS.


  • checks the vulnerability in the fastest way possible.
  • uses very little data.
  • alerts you when your connections are vulnerable.
  • generates the pin in the most accurate way possible by conducting algorithms in a unique way as compared to other default applications.
  • it gives notification when WPS gets locked.


  • it does not support “ad hoc” mode, networks where devices communicate without any access point.

For this application to work, you have to make sure all the connections are WPS certified.


This application is possibly the best and safest option, which not only secures your WI-FI connections but also alerts you when any disturbance occurs. 

As we are increasingly getting digitized, many people have got access to the internet at their workplace or home; there are very rare occasions where we really check our network connections; access points can be vulnerable at the WPS protocol at any possible moment.

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Therefore WPS WPA tester application carries out tests in your access point to see any vulnerability at WPS protocol by simply using the user interface.

The application allows connection tests with the help of the WPS pin, which is given out accurately by conducting different algorithms by using applications such as trend net, Zhao, drink, easy box, Asus, and other such default pins for many access points.

Additionally, this application allows the user to get accurate results through the fastest possible ways by trying 1100 different combinations of pins known rather than normal 10 to the power 8. It is entirely different from other clone applications.

It gives notification if WPS is in a locked stage where access points do not allow any more pins.

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