Download WPS Connect for PC – Windows 7,8,10 & macOS

In times when the influence of technology is increasing in our daily lives, the risks have been rising too. Even after securing the devices with passwords, there remains few or more gaps in the complete security.

For this, various technologies and subsystems are advanced, lower the risks of being at risk, checking the vulnerabilities, and protecting our devices and their security.

However, with the help of some features and apps, you can easily access and enjoy the smooth services which the technology has to provide. 

wps connect for pc

Wireless networks are essentially the apex point of the modern technology trend. Now, what is a wireless network? A wireless network refers to a system that enables the user’s convenience and is accessible without the usage of cable for its connection to the device in which you wish to use the internet.

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Most WiFi technologies operate in common ground and have many similar features such and are subject to primary criterion of trends and performance.

What is WPS?

WPS or WiFi Protected Setup is a technology advancement used for the easy and secure establishment of WiFi networks. It is a newer technology.

WPS helps in checking the security of your WiFi connection using the WPS protocol.

This utility helps detect the possible and probable risks to your WiFi, which can be that of password or WPS risk, and helps maintain and strengthen its security, thus making it more secure.

This protocol allows you to connect with a WiFi network through an eight-digit PIN and this PIN is usually and pre-defined in the router itself. It checks the vulnerability of your network.

WPS Connect for PC

It is a tool that helps to connect to a virtual and private WiFi network that is protected. WPS connect has been unique, and unmatchable in its comprehensivity. In times of urgency and emergency, it acts as a great savior.

Due to its speedy advancement, it can calculate, search,, and bring you the best nearby WiFi wireless network available within seconds.

It’s not a rigid but flexible application,, especially for people keep moving and need wireless WiFi networks around them.

It works explicitly for wireless networks that use any passcode highly encrypted with WPA personal or WPA2 personal security protocols.

To connect to the WiFi network, you need to select one and then enter the password. But using WPS connect,, you can skip this and still use the WiFi services.

What does it do?

It enables you to connect to a private WiFi network nearby you and then transfer the WiFi security setting to your pc, which results in your pc being automatic connection to the system. It is not similar to stealing someone’s private WiFi connection but is a smart use of technology and tools.

This tool is quick, handy, and easy to use. It is useful in journalism, business, or any other content media,or marketing-based sector as used in workplaces and homes.

As you may move places and switch from one place to another, you can keep enjoying the benefits.

The same goes if you even shift cities or travel from one country to another, thus experiencing the easy services.

How to download WPS connect for PC?

It is an android application and has no official desktop version of itself. Thus, for downloading WPS connect to your pc, you need a good android emulator on your device.

Emulators are easy to use ,and you don’t have to worry much about its features. 

One such good android emulation is Bluestacks.

So, you need to:-

1. Download Bluestacks for pc from the official Bluestacks page/site.

2. Secondly, when you’ve downloaded Bluestacks on your device, go to its homepage and search for ‘ Google Play Store.’

3. When you open Google Play Store, search for ‘WPS connect for pc’ and hit the search button.

4. And then, click on the download button written against the app and wait till download.

5. Lastly, as the download gets completed, install the app to the Bluestacks page.

How to download WPS connect for pc without using Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is one of the most trusted and easy working emulators that ease your task, and leave you with no regrets of using of it.

For downloading WPS connect on your PC without using the Bluestacks emulator, you need to follow the following mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, click and download the Nox emulator on pc from the official page.
  2. The Emulator will open items once the installation process is complete. (it is straightforward to use the Nox emulator with its most straightforward features)
  3. Then search for Google play store on the home page of the Nox emulator’s search bar.
  4. And then type ‘WPs connect’ on the search space of the Google play store.
  5. After that, you need to click on the download button and let the installation process take place.
  6. Due to its speed, the Nox emulator will take only a few seconds to finish the installation.
  7. When all this process is complete, you can enjoy the WPS connect features and benefits without using the Bluestacks emulator. 

How can I use it?

It is a free app that means you do not need to pay to use this app. The app’s primary and most probable motive is to help its users secure and protect their network from the online vulnerabilities.

The users are provided with a set of protocols which portray the present situation of a router. For example, if you see a red light, that means your router needs security from threats.

And if you are getting the green signals, indicates that it completely secure through WPS protocols.

How to use WPS in Windows 10

  1. Firstly, you will need to select a WiFi network to which you want to connect using WPS.  On your Windows 10 pc, you will have to open the list of the available wireless networks. Then, as you do this, a list of available WiFi networks will be displayed; you just have to select the desired WiFi network and click on ‘connect.’
  2. Connect without using the passkeys.  Windows 10 may ask you to enter a password to which you would want to connect; you need not click and go with the other option available whishc says connect by clicking the button on the router.’ This button is mostly placed at the back of the router. Some wireless routers might not have the push button, but they might have a symbol indicating the same. Further, Windows 10 itself receives the wireless settings from the router and helps you to connect to the WiFi settings itself without having you to enter a passcode manually. 


It has several features. Below are some of the parts that will further enhance your use of WPS connect for your pc.

1. Support on different devices

It has a multi-device support features as you can use it on your PC/laptop/iOS/Mac/ and Windows system.

2. Speed 

It has a good workout speed. It takes for it only seconds to scan nearby WiFi networks to help you connect to them. It is rapid in performing.

3. Easy to use

Even if you are using it for the first time, it will not seem difficult to operate it. It has simple features that help you to connect to nearby WiFi networks easily without any hassle.

How to disable WPS on the router of your WiFi

The WPS option is there near the wireless configuration criteria. As all routers are different from each other, this option might be available in the ‘advanced settings in some routers.’

  • WPS comes in 2 types
  1. Pin version
  2. Button version,

The button version is considered and taken to be safer as someone is manually required to press it and enable it. And then it switches off after a few minutes.

  • The Pin Version is always on, and highly risky as well.
  • The router might allow to disable the WPS all together or only disable the pin version.

The thing to remember about wireless connections:

  • The setup procedures, the router functions, security settings, and configuration of the network device vary depending on your system’s environment. For details and information, you may refer to the instruction manual of the tools or contact the manufacturer.
  • There are increasing risks of your personal information being exposed to a third party you would not approve of. 

User friendly

WPS connect brings down smartly, the internet world so close to us that sometimes it may feel like a threat to your privacy, but the other way round here is that it is entirely safe to use.

It protects the user’s details and just helps connect to the router without disclosing and allowing for any risk proximity against the security.

Pros and cons


  1. It automatically configures the wireless network with a network name and strong WPA data encryption for the access points. It also configures itself the WPS enabled client devices on a system.
  2. When connecting the WiFi-enabled devices, you will not require the security key, SSID, or any passphrase or passcode.
  3. It makes it impossible for anybody to recognize and know your password or security key as they are often randomly generated.
  4. You will not need to enter any predictable passcode or sequences.


  1. It only works on WPS compatible devices,, or else you will be deprived from experiencing and enjoying it’s benefits and uses.
  2. Not every vendor might support this technology because of its recent origin.
  3. Also, the ad-hoc mode isn’t supported by it.
  4. It is quite challenging to add a non-WPS client device to the network due to the random passkeys.


As the technological gadgets are becoming user friendly and customers grow more dependent on a day to day basis, the inner technological build-ins are becoming more accessible to us this bringing more ease and comfort to our lives. 

WPS connect is an excellent recent advancement in technology, enhancing the user’s experience and bringing the world down to a compact system by bringing the WiFi feature so handy.

Wifi connects for pc is an undoubtedly skilled and easy feature. It is free to use. You can use it anywhere, the place not being a factor for its unavailability. It is easily accessible.

All you need to do is to download and install it and enjoy it for a better an interrupted experience of WiFi anywhere you wish.

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