Who Killed Prof Seo in Law School

In his closing argument, the law professor cited that the law was dead. In addition, he asked the court to allow him to make a video call to testify. However, Kang also noticed the medicine on the table and it was he who apparently put it in Seo`s café. As Kang sits across from Yang, he confirms that he was the one who killed Professor Seo. The story then rushes to Han Joon-hwi, who is watching the CCTV of Kang Sol A; Lee Man-ho beats someone – he rushes outside. Meanwhile, Lee Man-ho tied up Professor Yang – he managed to remove his tracker from his ankle. Professor Yang asks Lee Man-ho why he killed Professor Seo – Lee Man-ho is injected with methamphetamine to kill him with an overdose, but Yang says it won`t look like a suicide to buy time. But when he wants to inject her, he gets a phone call, and Professor Yang yells, “He`s not home,” and kicks the man. However, Lee Man-ho manages to lash out at him and starts injecting him with methamphetamine. Han Joon-hwi rushes into the apartment and stops him. We encourage our users to read the following before participating in discussions on /r/KDRAMA: (1) Reddiquette, (2) our Code of Conduct, (3) our policies, and (4) the personal message “When discussions become personal”. All users who exhibit negative behavior (including, but not limited to, bullying, harassment, or personal attacks) will be notified, and repeated behavior will result in increasing exclusion from our community.

Any extreme instance of misconduct (such as racism or hate speech) will result in immediate permanent expulsion from our community and a report to the Reddit admin. In addition, mentions of negative votes, unpopular opinions, and the use of profanity may result in your comments being blocked or deleted without notice. Kang Sol A is a student from a poor family who attends school on a scholarship. As a high school student, she was accused of bullying at school and met Professor Yang, the prosecutor in charge of the case. Because he is wrongly accused, Sol A is determined to become a lawyer. Sol A is particularly close to Joon Hwi and visits his study group. There`s an obvious romantic chemistry, but it never goes further than that. She and Joon Hwi take the lead in Professor Yang`s case, and while she investigates, Sol A discovers that her twin sister, who mysteriously moved to the United States several years ago, could play an important role in finding a motive for Byung`s murder.

Han Joon Hwi is the nephew of Seo Byung Joo, the murdered professor. As a law student at the school where his uncle and Jong Hoon teach, he is quickly drawn into the middle of the case and even leaves enough suspicion to make himself suspicious from the start. A star student who never believes Joon Hoon is guilty, Joon Hwi puts all his skills and relationships to the test as he works with his classmates to uncover the truth. Students and faculty at an elite law school have a front-row seat to justice when a professor is killed on campus and one of their own is the prime suspect. Now they must set aside all their own opinions and prejudices if the truth is to prevail. As a team, they quickly learn that things are rarely exactly as they seem and that everyone has a secret to hide. All the things they have studied are put to the test when learning meets practical use in combat to ensure that an innocent person does not take blame for someone else`s wrongdoing. Kim Eun Sook is another law professor who teaches at the school. She is the teacher at heart who tackles the boring subject of civil law and tries to make it funny and exciting for her students.

She is also the only colleague that Professor Yang can truly confide in. Faculty of Law. Thank you for being my plot twist 2021. It was indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions, a ride or a dying person, but like all other rides, it will always end. This drama has a special place in my heart. 🥺🤍 #LawSchoolEp16 #LawSchoolFinalVerdict pic.twitter.com/ycljI2sSxa Students and professors at South Korea`s top law school are involved in a very unusual case. Yang Jong Hoon is a criminal law professor and former elite prosecutor whose harsh words make him the professor to avoid.

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