How To Fix VLC is unable to open the MRL

Searching for fix of VLC is unable to open the MRL?

This error is usually seen when the individual tries to play or stream the music. This can occur when the media file has been located in a different place than the local computer.

This location has not been able to be found by the player. This error commonly occurs when the firewall blocks the VLC unintentionally or this may be an issue that is caused by the authorized clients.

The issue arises by a setting of the backdated media player as well. This article here will help the individuals who are facing the issue when VLC is unable to open the MRL.

VLC is unable to open the MRL

The article will provide the individuals with proper guidance and steps which will be beneficial to them and will be a proper solution to fix this issue permanently.

It is quite common to see people getting stuck at different steps in the computer. Not everyone can be a genius.

This write up will be of great help even to the amateurs who aren’t a pro. Clear and easy instructions will be written in order to help them and for their own benefit. 

VLC is defined as visible light communication. This is defined to be an open-source program which can be used for playing a variety of audio and video in different kinds of format.

Due to its user-friendly navigation and easy handling, this software has become very popular amongst people. It is quite convenient and easy to operate.

How To Fix VLC is unable to open the MRL

This player has become a widely used media player amongst people all over the globe. But it is seen that people usually sometimes fail to open the media file due to the issue of VLC not being able to open the MRL.

MRL in this article is defined to be as the Media Resource Locator. This MRL is defined to be a link to a particular stream or file which will perform the same functions as the URL.

These terminologies have been explained in a proper and detailed manner in the article below. It hopes to be helpful for the readers. It has been carefully written as per their interest and this problem has been arising a lot these days.

People usually do look at the internet for people’s solutions but do get guided on the wrong path. Hence, this would be the right path. 

Checking of the Firewall Setting: 

This step will describe how to properly assure the security of the system. The Windows defender firewall often blocks the access of these suspicious programs when detected on the computer.

During the process of blocking the suspicious programs, it is often seen that VLC could get blocked involuntarily. The following steps will be mentioned below how to unblock the application:

  1. Firstly, the individual is required to type cp on the taskbar and hit Enter
  2. After the appearance of the control panel on the screen, the individual can then click on the Windows Defender FireWall 
  3. On the left column, the person can see an option which allows the application to feature through the Windows Sedensee Firewall 
  4. The individual then has to check the box for the VLC media player where the applications are located. After finding the location, they have to click OK. 
  5. If the person still can’t find the location of VLC, then they would have to do some extra following steps which are described below: 
    1. The person has to go back a few steps on the page where there was the screen for allowed apps on the window and click on change settings which will help the person to unlock the options. Then the person can click on the tab which says allow other applications. 
    2. Then, they would have to click on the browser and navigate their location 
    3. After the individual has reached, they must click on the option of the VLC media player and hit the button to enter from their keyboard.  The location for the key path would be : 

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\VideoLAN\VLC media player.lnk

  1. Finally, the last step for them would be to compile the files together. 
  2. Then the individual can close the section for allowed applications and check if the problem has been resolved.

Changing of the Security setting: 

It has been reviewed by several users that this procedure which will be mentioned below helps people the most as to fix the issue for VLC is unable to open the MRL. 

  1. The user can first right click on the file and come to know if they are facing any error and select properties. 
  2. They can shift to the security tab and click on the advanced setting option.
  3. After the option for Advanced Security Settings Windows is on the screen, the user is then requested to click on the button which is defined as Change and is written right beside the Owner. 
  4. There will be a pop-up, which will be named as Select User or Group. From there the user would again have to click on the Advanced setting. 
  5. From the returning window, the user would have to click on Find Now. 
  6. The user then has to select the Administrator with the Desktop name and then gradually click on OK and hit the button which says enter so that they can close the current window. 
  7. The user now has to click on the button which specifies apply which they will get from the advanced security setting. There will be a pop-up that will appear on the display and they will have to press the button which says enter. Then they would just have to close the window by gradually pressing the button which specifies OK. 
  8. They would be redirected to the page which is about the properties of the file which is problematic. They will be then moved to the security tab and have to click on the button which specifies to edit.
  9. The user is then required to click on the option for administrators which is located right under the group or user‘s name section. We would then have to check all the options which are denied. Finally, the user has to click on the option for applying and then on okay so that we can save the changes. He would have to just make sure that allow permission has been checked and all the permissions of the system are giving

If the user follows all these steps carefully, then the problem will be solved. 

Installing the latest version of VLC: 

If none of the options which are mentioned above work, then the user would have to think of reinstalling the VLC media player to the latest version.

This is one of the most guaranteed steps since it has been always working out for the people when they reinstall the application. 

  1. The user must Press Win+l hotkey which will lead them to open the Window settings and then they would have to click on the Apps.
  2. On the right side of the panel, the user would view a list of the applications which have been installed. From there once they locate the VLC media player, they would just have to go to the application and click on the button which specifies uninstall.
  3. There will be a new pop-up which will appear once the user clicks on the button uninstall. This pop-up will just mention if the user would want to confirm the process of uninstalling this program.
  4. After the process of uninstalling, the user then would have to go to the website of the VLC media player and click the option for downloading the latest version.
  5. In the end, they would just have to install the program all over again and this will help in fixing the problem ‘VLC is unable to open the MRL’. 


This article hopes to help readers who were facing such problems. Nearly three different types of solutions have been given which will be compatible with all types of operating systems such as iOS and Windows as well.

These solutions have been guaranteed solutions that will definitely be of great help to users. There are many solutions on the website these days which are not fruitful to the individuals or are a scam.

These methods which have been suggested in the article are checked with people who were facing such issues. They have been recommended widely and have been of great help to the people.

Technology these days have increased widely in the market. Hence the solution to each of these problems can be quite difficult to find. There will be a variety of solutions and technology is becoming much more complicated and day by day.

This is a small article for this particular issue which will be of great help to the individuals. Often people do get worked up when any of their systems are not working.

This will be a great relief to those individuals and the steps are also written in a very simple and layman language. Hence it will surely be of great help to the people. 

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