Download Viva Video For PC (Windows and macOS)

Vivavideo is one of the best professional video editing applications developed by Quvideo inc. It is now officially available for both android and IOS, and you can also use it in your pc through an android emulator.

Viva video is an excellent application with its extraordinary features, which can help you make the video in the way you imagined or more than that. Vivia video has a fantastic collection of soundtracks; various effects, and viva video can also convert images into a video.

Viva video can make your imagined video easily in no time. It allows you to add a creative edge to your video. Professionals can also use this video editor as the application claims to be of a professional standard.

viva video for pc

Having this application on the computer can ease you in making videos as it will be on a big screen.

It will also be convenient for you to share your video with your family and friends. It also helps you in customizing your media files. You can create professional videos for free at no cost at all.

You can add their fantastic collection of stickers, filters, or even subtitles and many other effects .you can share your videos on social websites in outstanding quality.

Key features of viva video:

  • If you use the viva video application on your laptop, you have the option for video FX-format settings.
  • When used in your personal computer, the viva video application’s primary features are the ability to do live dubbing and sticker insertion.
  • The viva video has a beautiful collection of over 200 special effects available to add to your video.
  • You can organize and merge many video clips in your storyboarding editing tool. This application can improve your video quality and appearance just as you imagined it.
  • Viva videos have many editing features which are very amicable to use. You can add any music, text, or effects and clipart to your videos to make it more appealing.
  • You can easily share these videos on your social media stories or your social media friends.
  • If you own a youtube channel, then this application can help you create your perfect video. This application also has a blur video editor that enables you to blur the parts not needed in your videos.
  • This application also can combine many videos in one frame like a collage. Therefore making it possible to create videos you only thought professionals could make.
  • You can turn all your photos into slideshows and eventually into a movie by adding your fav track.
  • You can dub your videos and create dialogues in instances of videos . its feature allows you to record your video while recording it.
  • With the viva video editor application on your personal computer, you can share your videos or movies in 720p,4K, and Full HD 1080p.

Features of viva video for pc:

  • Viva video for pc allows you to edit your favorite videos and also helps you create slips.
  • It will enable your videos to be in FX-format settings, which have the clarity of DSLR effects.
  • It has its dominance over adequate image brightness.
  • It has a collection of trending music, stickers and you can even do live dubbing facilities.
  • The application has over 200 special effects that you can use in different dimensions of the videos.
  • It allows you to storyboard editing, merging other video clips, and trimming of videos.
  • The application contains nine lens mode and many features to create vines or trolls according to the trend.
  • It has tremendous collage making tools where you can combine many video clips. 
  • You can share the video directly from the application to the other social media platforms.
  • You also prepare time-lapse videos with very high impact motion.
  • You can even make movies out of your pictures to capture blissful moments.

How to use the viva video editing application?

Viva video is really easy to use; therefore, you can become a pro in using this application by knowing every tip and tricks of this application.

We will be mentioning specific steps that can help you boost your imagination so that you can make full use of the application for your videos.

  • The basics: open the viva video. There are tons of editing tools available in the application that you can use to make the best out of your content. You have to choose any video which you want to edit from your folder, or you have the option of making the video from the camera available in the application.
  • The effects and editing options: you have several collections of products, soundtracks, filters, text, stickers, and many more in the application, making your video look more appealing. You add any of these tools in any instances of your video. You can even add a live sticker or animation available in the collection while recording your video content.
  • Posting your content: After you’re done editing the video, you can upload that video on any social media platform. You can even share your content personally with your friends through the application wherever possible. 

How to Install Viva Video For PC

  • It is impossible to install this application directly into your personal computer as the application is designed for android devices; therefore, you can use an android emulator to use it.
  • There are many android emulators, but the most used android emulator is bluestacks. Based on its performance and security, we would suggest you use this emulator.
  • To install an android emulator in your personal computer, you would have to meet specific requirements, and they are as follows:-
  • Minimum requirements to install bluestacks are
  • The operating system should be Microsoft Windows 7 and above.
  • The Processor should be intel or must contain an AMD processor.
  • The randomly accessed memory of your computer must have at least 2GB of RAM.
  • The hard disk of your computer must have 5 GB of free disk space.
  • The administrator of your personal computer has to be you.
  • Your graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor have to be up to date.

Recommended system requirements to install bluestack:

  • The operating system must at least Microsoft windows 10the Processor have to be intel or multi-core processor with a single thread. The PassMark score should be more than 1000.
  • Your computer must contain intel or Nvidia or ATI; onboard or discrete controller pass score should be more or equal to 750.
  • The ram should be of 8 GB or higher.
  • The hard disk should be SSD or fusion or hybrid drives.
  • The internet connection should be a broadband connection for easy access to accounts or other related content.
  • The graphics drives from Microsoft or chipset vendors should be updated.

How to install the bluestack on your personal computer?

  • You would be required to download the android emulator from its official website
  • Launch the installer once it gets downloaded
  • After it finishes installing, it will automatically launch
  • Once it’s done, you have to create a google account so that it becomes convenient to use.

Steps to install viva video on your personal computer:

  • After you have installed bluestacks, you would be required to connect it to your google account so that you can have access to google play store.
  • After you’re done connecting, open the google play store and type in the search bar “viva video.”
  • Download viva video on your personal computer. It will automatically appear on the android emulator dashboard.
  • Now you can start downloading your favorite videos.

Steps to install the application in your IOS devices.

  • You would be required to open the safari browser from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch whatever device you want to install.
  • After you have opened the browser, type in this the address with the exact link:
  • After you have opened this site, you have to search for the viva video pro in the site’s search bar.
  • You have to click on the application’s icon and install it from the site.
  • You can easily get this application on both of these platforms and can easily edit your videos.

Pros of viva video:

  • You make your desired video with its unique features
  • Your crop, edit or add music to your videos
  • You can combine many video clips like a collage
  • You can add stickers in your videos
  • You add desired subtitles to your videos
  • The application is absolutely free
  • You can dub your videos while recording it.
  • You can add soundtrack at any instance of the video
  • You can make slideshows of your pictures into a video or movie.
  • You will be able to receive the videos in HD.
  • You will also be able to upload or share the video in excellent quality.

Cons of viva video:

  • Some product in applications require payments

Possible issues in Viva video editor application and solutions to these issues.

With the fantastic features also comes vulnerabilities. Vivavideo application also has issues and faults and is in the attempt of making it perfect over time.

So we have mentioned some possible problems you might face while using the application and searched for some remedies that help you while using the application.

Some major issues faced are

Not able to upload the video to Facebook :

  • You may encounter these issues in these social media platforms because of copyright issues added to the soundtracks.
  • You have to write an appeal to Facebook regarding the problem in detail, ensuring no copyright content should be there in your video. After they are examining it, they might allow you to upload the video.

Not able to update the application from google play store :

  • The updated version of the viva video application requires android version 4.0 or above.
  • Even if you’re facing this issue even after meeting such requirements, then you have to clear the cache and day of the google store. You can do this through the settings menu of your device.

How to get the viva video editor app pro version in your new device?

  • The pro version can only be purchased one time, so if you want the application on your new device, you would be required to log in to your google play store account with which you made the purchase. Through this method, you don’t have to pay for the application again.

How to save the edited video in your SD card?

  • The application allows you to save the video anywhere possible as per your preferences. You have an option in your application settings with which you can change the location you have saved already for the videos. But it is prohibited in the android version 4.3 so what you can do is copy your video manually from the internal storage space and then store it into your SD card.

 Is viva video safe?

Vivavideo is safe for teens to use with the option of the right to privacy settings. Viva video editor profiles are generally set to public by default, but you can change it into a private profile. The social media aspect of the application is safer for mature teens but not for kids.

How to unlock all the features of the viva video application?

To have access to all the features and remove watermarks is to download an app file with the pro version included with all the features unlocked.

  • You just have to install the pro apk file on your device
  • You have to install the previous application to install this version of the viva video application.
  • Once you have installed it, you can access some extra features of the viva video application.

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You can use this great application even on your computer and can edit your favorite videos. You can conveniently edit your videos on the big screen. Make professional videos for free.

If you’re a social media influencer, videos enable you to deliver your content in a precise and most efficient way. Therefore having excellent video editing by your side is necessary.

Viva videos can meet all your expectations with your desired results. We all love telling our stories, and conveying it in the video is the easiest way; therefore, video editing makes it more appealing and convincing, so having a good editor like viva video will surely aid you in conveying your story in the best way possible. 

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