The Rising Craze for E-sports and Crypto

The Rising Craze for E-sports and Crypto. What’s coming up next?

With the advent of the internet, the online gaming industry has taken a new shape in the minds of people.  The growing awareness of eSports has promoted this industry to provide better content and experience. The large business investments in the industry and the return of tickets, merchandise, media rights (including advertising and online subscriptions), sponsorship and direct mail, etc has led the industry to grow by approximately 14%, and the number of fans is expected to exceed 500 million by 2021.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), launched in 2012, is one of the most popular games in the online gaming segment. The fanaticism surrounding the championship has also grown exponentially, bringing huge business opportunities. All the elite players have prime accounts of CSGO which helps them in getting better ranking. However, if you are new to this game, and does not have CSGO accounts, you must buy CSGO smurf accounts to get full advantage. Here is the link

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Since the 1990s, games have developed as a form of entertainment and now generate more money than the global music and film industry combined. Professional games have developed, and so has e-sports. With the addition of enhanced technology and the opportunity to stream events to the audience, it is not surprising that the rise of eSports has become more mainstream. This is a lucrative industry and is already a big business.

The blockchain-driven platform connects everyone interested in e-sports through a decentralized platform to safely solve problems such as prize distribution, player transfer, media rights, sponsorship, and advertising. It also provides a platform for the newbies to develop into professionals in the sector.

Esports Tournaments

E-sports competitions are held every month worldwide and attract more spectators each year. This becomes a platform for the players to earn money just like traditional athletes. There are many prizes, including international contests in different categories, including the prize pool provided by League of Legends for over $ 30 million. The most successful esports team can win millions of dollars every year.

Another growing opportunity on eSports in betting. You can find a Bitcoin casino that only accepts BTC as a deposit or a combination of crypto and fiat currencies. With the cryptocurrency, you know that you will never be exposed to fraud.

The Link between eSports and Crypto

Cryptocurrency companies have invested in eSports. League of Legends has introduced crypto revenue during the game, so now about 100 million active players can get cryptocurrency through the blockchain reward ecosystem Referum every month.

Incentives for developers and players

The eSports model has been changed by the advancement of blockchain technology. Game developers can ensure their work to avoid unauthorized use, and player contracts eliminate any doubts about the fair distribution of rewards.

Increase exposure

The platforms which have implemented crypto have started accepting cryptocurrencies like BCH or ETH to purchase tokens to be used in games. They may not be valuable, but the exposure of the blockchain has enabled more people to conduct transactions and strengthened the connection between esports and cryptocurrencies because transactions (including in-app purchases) can prevent fraud.

Transparency in Transactions

In esports, the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has made the transactions clear and all protocols are open source. Therefore, there is no scope of match-fixing as well. This also involves chargeback claims, making esports safer for all relevant personnel.

Loyalty model

New loyalty models are introduced using cryptocurrencies. These loyalty points in the form of encrypted currency can be encrypted in the currency exchange method in the transaction, and can also be exchanged for other encrypted currencies.


Although it is difficult to predict the upcoming development of e-sports and cryptocurrencies, it is true that large-scale e-sports will require strong developer support. Also, with the support of enthusiastic supporters, from a gaming perspective, this is an easy way to observe the professional-level and the global appeal of games.

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