Download Starmaker for Pc (Windows and macOS)

The wish of every single person nowadays is to become a singer. But when this thought came to your mind, the very next thought that came to your mind will be that how can that be possible?

How can you sing Karaoke just like others do? Well, keeping all this in mind, the entertainment applications in mobiles have brought for you an exciting app that would fulfil your dreams and also be one of the time pass apps which you can use as an entertainment.

The Entertainment Application has become famous. There are a lot of entertainment apps for singing, such as Karaoke and many other such apps. These apps are mainly brought up by those who like to sing or are good singers. After Karaoke, the Media and Entertainment Industry introduced the Starmaker app.

Starmaker for Pc

This app has very quickly taken the place of Karaoke apps. The app’s most intriguing thing is that it allows the users to sing along with their favourite tracks. You can even sing with your friends and also record high-quality audio with this Starmaker app. 

This awesome app allows you to share your experience and your singing with your family and friends. The application is available both for android and Mac devices, but you can even download it in Pc. If you are someone who loves singing, using these kinds of applications and this might be the right choice for you.

In particular, this article describes everything you need to know to become sure about doing what.

This app is considered the popular app for the Desi communities as it is a simple stream network for Karaoke. This is the only reason that millions of users show their interest and show trust in this app. Furthermore, this application provides you with a party room in the shape of a chat room, where you can cope with brilliant new ideas and innovations. 

Features of Starmaker for Pc

Unlike other apps, Starmark also has some exciting features that make the application much more exciting, and users love to use. The features are as follows:

  • This wonderful application provides the users with an environment for real-time chat room
  • It is a platform to practice with streams karaoke
  • There are a large number of catalogs for the users to select the favorite and latest songs
  • This application gives the users an option of operative voice effects that record and edits the songs as they love.
  • Starmaker application also offers a fantastic option or feature instead: you can share thoughts related to music by posting videos, images, and text.

Process of Downloading

This article at the start has clearly explained to you about the Starmaker app and on which devices you can find it. But you should not worry anymore because other than smartphones, you can also download the app on your Pc.

To download the application on your pc, you need to follow anyone step from the below mentioned two steps. You can download the app by following any one of the processes. Below mentioned are the two process for downloading Starmaker for Pc:

Process 1. (Install Starmaker for Pc using BlueStacks)

  • To begin the first process, the first thing you need to do is to install the BlueStacks app.
  • The next thing that is needed to be done is to launch the app on your Pc.
  • Now, coming to the third step. Once the app gets launched, click on my app button in the emulator. 
  • Now search Starmaker over there.
  • The option for Starmaker will be visible to you. Now what you have to do is that you have to do is download the app.
  • But to install any app from Google play on BlueStacks, you need to login to your google account.
  • Once you log in and link to the google account, the downloading process will start and download depending on your internet speed.

Process 2. (Install using NOX App Player)

  • As mentioned in Process 1, the same thing needs to be done here too. The first thing you need to do is install the NOX player on your PC.
  • After you have downloaded the emulator run it on your PC and link it to your google account.
  • The third step to follow is to click on the tab searcher and search for Starmaker.
  • Once you search for Starmaker and get it, then don’t wait and download it.
  • Once the download gets complete, then you will be able to play the Starmaker on your PC.

How does it work?

Using Starmaker is very easy. The below mentioned are the easy steps of how you can use it:

  • After downloading the application, the first step you need to follow is to fill up the verification form.
  • After filling up the way, now you have to choose the favourite Starmaker song.
  • After selection, just sing and then edit your song.

Starmaker application gifts you with a large number of songs along with lyrics. Well, the best part to talk about this app is that you get a wide range of voice effects that increases the greatness of your song. You can even do duet singing with artists and your friends. Starmaker for PC is free. You can download covers for free, record for free, and also upload your singing freely.

You can also start using the application directly after installing and start navigating onto the BlueStacks emulator. You can then navigate into the StarMaker application, where you can click to launch. Launching the application will create the application interface, and it will grant you access to all the features of Starmaker.

Things to be kept in mind:

If you are active on social media sites, you would know that safety is the first key that helps us stay away from fraud. The same things go with Starmaker too.

This is also a kind of social media that allows you to create an account and record your voices and then share it with friends, family members, and loved ones. Here mentioned are some safety measures that you should keep in mind while creating an account in social media:

  • Identity: The very first point is identity. As we all know that identifying people on social media is very risky unless and until we know them personally. For example, Facebook has got a lot of hackers, and we fail to identify them. This goes very well with Starmaker too. Many computerized accounts in Starmaker try to be aware and do not waste much time talking to them.
  • Loss: The next point comes the loss, or rather we can say the loss in terms of money. Any feature on the app is unnecessary; hence buying them would lead you to wastage of money.
  • Copyright: Unlike youtube, you would not have copyright as these are karaoke songs, and this app is used by many artists to record their songs.

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FAQ About Starmaker for Pc

1. How can we play Starmaker on our PC?

Ans: To download this android application, you first need to download an android emulator with the help of which you will be able to download the application on your pc.

2. Is Starmaker free?

Ans: The Starmaker for Pc is free. You can record for free, and you can upload for free even.

3. Best software for Karaoke?

Ans: Well, there are many applications for Karaoke, but the Starmaker application is one of the best Karaoke apps so far.

4. How to log in to Starmaker?

Ans: If you do not have an account with Starmaker, then you can easily have one. You can use your android phone to create an account by downloading the app. And then, you can log in from any device.

5. Is Starmaker a safe app? 

Ans: Starmaker is safe, but unlike Facebook and other social media accounts, it also has some hackers.

6. What happens if we forget the password of our Starmaker account?

Ans: Forgetting passwords is very common, and hence Starmaker has got a solution to it. If you have forgotten the password and you are unable to recover it, enter your mail id and click forgot password. A link to reset your password instructions would be sent to your registered email id by the help center.

7. How do I delete my Starmaker account?

Ans: The option to delete the Starmaker account is still not in function but will be added soon by the makers.

8. How to upload a song to Starmaker?

Ans: To upload a song in Starmaker, you need to have a Starmaker account.

9. Which format and size of audio does Starmaker allow?

Ans: To upload audio to Starmaker, you need to have the audio in mp3 format, and file size should not be more than 20MB, and the time should not be more than 10min.

10. What should I do if I have a login problem?

Ans: There might be a problem in logging in only when the application is not correctly installed. When you face a login problem, delete the file and reinstall it.

11. Is Starmaker a Chinese app?

Ans: The StarMaker Interactive Incorporation owns the Starmaker app, which is a US-based company. 

12. Is Starmaker the best karaoke app so far?

Ans: Yes, Starmaker is one of the best singing apps so far. It is best than any other karaoke apps.

13. Can the recordings in Starmaker be downloaded?

Ans: Yes, one can download the recordings.

14. How do we start a collab session in Starmaker?

Ans: The first thing you should do is select the song you would like to record. Once you click on the song, three to four options would pop-up like “collab,” “solo,” “start,” etc. If you would like to sing in collaboration, click on the collab, and if you want to sing on your own, click on solo.

15. How to change the phone number in Starmaker?

Ans: If you want to change the registered mobile number in the Starmaker account, then for that, you should first have the updated version. Then, change the number go and tap “numbers” on the bottom bar menu and then choose “second number,” or you may also choose your current number and then scroll down and delete it and add the new number.

16. What is Sid in Starmaker?

Ans: The full form of Sid is a Security Identifier. When a person requests to access something in Starmaker, then the Security Identifier checks if the act performed is legal, which means that whether the act is performable or not.

17. How to know who has shared my post on Starmaker?

Ans: If you are keen enough to know like who has shared your posts, just go to post, and under every post, you will see blue tick and stats. Click on stats, and you will come to know who has shared your posts.


As we all know, entertainment has come a long way in the technological aspect over the last few years. In return, this has allowed the development of some wonderful applications that enable us to grow the talent within us. This beautiful and easy to go app has a lot to offer to those who love to sing along with their favorite song.

The app has one of the world’s largest databases that give real-time access to karaoke music and lyrics. It is an excellent application for users who want to pass the time, have fun, and love to sing songs.

You now have the freedom to get to enjoy using this application directly from your pc by installing it on BlueStacks. The process, as discussed, is very easy and significantly less time taking.

In particular, this article addresses all the general queries and problems that each of us faces, like how to download on pc, how to run it, what all to do, and many more such questions. I hope this article solves all your problems, and you enjoy using this app without any significant issues.

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