Skyrim Civil War Overhaul

How to get Skyrim Civil War Overhaul?

So basically let’s get into a bit of context. For those of you wondering what it is all about, well civil war overhaul is basically a modification which was made in the game which is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the modification were made by the fans and the players of the game.

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And the modification was basically made in the civil war that was happening in the game.

So what did you ask? Well, it basically added many, many new quests and things of that sort to the civil war and the civil war in question was taking place between the imperials and the storm cloaks.

Skyrim Civil War Overhaul

Now as mentioned before this modification was added by the fans and the players of the game but it never really appeared in the game in the long run. This was particularly because of time limitations.

So there’s also basically compilation which is called Epic Gameplay Overhaul, and it was here that the modification was added and implemented. 

Why has the mod Skyrim Civil War Overhaul been hidden?

Well, you might have heard that the mod has been hidden from the game. So basically it started from October 15 in the year 2016, the mod that was made by the fans and the users and the players never even appeared in the game so it was basically hidden and to that the author said it was because of some political reasons, something regarding the US politics. 

But here comes a U-turn and the mod was made available again in the game and this was during the time of November of that year and it was available from the 9th of November to the 16th of November in the year 2016. 

But then came the January of 2017 and on the 10th of January, the modification which was made by the fans and players of the game was officially and finally removed from the game and after which it never ever appeared in it again.

This was basically around The United States presidential election and with the results of those elections coming out, this declaration was made.

Another reason that was added was also because of the people who kind of disagree with the Apollodown (who is also the author, if you didn’t know) and the fact of him politically enjoying the modification. 

So what happened then Skyrim Civil War Overhaul

So time went by – weeks passed, months passed, and eventually years passed and people had gotten used to it and they were basically back to playing the game and they continued playing it like a normal game and enjoying it but then something happened in the May of the year 2020, that is, this year. So basically on the 6th of May of this year, the author, that is, Apollodown declared or basically made a Reddit post regarding the long lost mod in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 

What was this Reddit post?

So basically the author of the game, Apollodown, talked to Reddit and made a post on the account r/skyrimmods. In that post, he declared that finally he was allowing anyone and everyone to use the civil war overhaul and it was going to be put back to the Nexus and just about anyone can use it and have the modification or work on it right from where he left on. 

This surely blew for all of the players and the fans of the game because it had been a long journey from the year 2016. And also, for any of you wondering, the mod on the Nexus actually has a Skyrim SE port leftover in beta and patching bugs.

So that was all about the mod making its entry back into the game, now let’s talk about what it is all about and the features of the mod and what the users can do with it.

Features of the mod in the game:

Now one of the main and most important features of this mod in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is basically that it has entirely and completely changed and remade or recreated the whole design of the civil war.

The cut content keeps capital city battles restored and happens after the missions and strong battles of the held campaign (which are somewhat unpredictable and also involve an extra mission to kill the enemy commander).

And also the battle odds basically depend on the number of soldiers that have been killed before or previously which is also commonly called as the “Murder Mayhem score”. So what happens when you fail to win a battle then any of the enemy faction will attack any of your cities. 

And not only that, along with some improved classes of the enemy, there is also an improved quality of AI.

The giants and the wolves are what the storm cloaks will gain, and on the other hand, champions (which are also the strongest unit, mind you) and hounds (which are basically to counteract the wolves on the storm cloaks side) are what the imperials will gain. 

The mage and thief class soldiers will be gained by both of the sides that are by both the storm cloaks as well as the imperials so that they can fight for their sides effectively.

also basically various gaming tactics will be used with the range enemies who are basically the mages and the archers. they will basically either include staying back and consequently suppressing the enemy while the close combat units move forward and attack.

Well, these were all the amazing features that come with the mod that is in the game and now let’s look at all the changes that have been made from the previous time. 

Changes in the game:

1. The first and one of the best changes made in the game are that in the Imperial Legion, there is more diversity in the aspect of race as opposed to only having white coloured people in the game.

2. So now if you ever wear a uniform, that is of any of the sides, either imperial or stormcloaks, the guards will become extremely aggressive and unfriendly. 

3. So basically some sort of spices have been added to both the sides, to imperials as well as stormcloaks and the thing about them is they only attack when either of the sides tries to occupy the Hold city capital. 

4. It might also be possible that while you are having a battle, particularly hold battle, two or more dragons may casually hover over the battle.

5. Now the Hold capitals may also come under siege or be trapped and if you want to remain in the power or maintain it then you need to different the capital in order to do it, otherwise, it will be trapped and taken over.

6. Well also to top it all it is now also possible to lose the battles and even the civil war. Yes! However it has been noted that that kind of endings where the battles are lost and the civil war ends and that sort, the ending is quite buggy and broken. So basically a video has allegedly surfaced which shows broken ending which proves this.

7. now during the season and ending peace talks it is also possible for you to change sides between imperials and stormcloaks. 

8. But it is also true that this version of this mod is also more prone to crashes, this is particularly because of the increased use of resources. Basically for fixing that ENBoost is recommended. but that’s not it, unfortunately, it is also more prone than ever to other bugs and issues and error and abrupt endings and glitches and being stuck. 

9. Although the MCM menu has a feature that can help you to automatically win a Hold or even an entire civil war so since there might be issues like glitches and being stuck, you might expect to use them. 

Well, these were some of the major changes in the game.


Well, that was all about the game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the civil war overhaul and the modification made in the game.

The mod has been on a long journey, it began particularly in October of the year 2016 and now its 2020 and finally is accepted in the game by the author. Now the players and fans have full freedom to enjoy it and work on it and it or whatever that they want to do.

We tried to mention all that comes with its modification, all the features and all the changes that come with it and we really hope that all of it was helpful to you and if you have any more questions regarding the modification or the game itself, you can always drop them down in the comments section below.

Let’s wait for more updates from the author about the game and until then stay tuned for more and we are going to keep you updated for sure.

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