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Looking to download Mi Drop for PC then we have made a post regarding Mi Drop for PC in which we wibe telling you how you can download Mi Drop for your PC.

With a revolutionary idea of wireless data transfer, Bluetooth brought a transformation in the way files were transferred between devices. With the limitation of maintaining a minimum distance between devices and slow transfer speed, there was a huge scope for other technologies and applications to excel in the field of file transfer. 

Applications like SHAREit and Xender have further eased the data transferring process. With the continuous enhancement of technology, applications like MI Drop and SHAREit have moved a step further.

It has not only made it faster and easier to transfer data from one device to another but has also enabled the users to transfer files from mobile to their computers. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that there are many perks of using MI Drop on PC for data transfer.

Mi Drop for PC
Download and Install Mi Drop for PC

What is Mi Drop for PC?

Just like SHAREit and Xender, MI Drop is a file-sharing application, which sends files between mobiles. It is regularly upgraded by Xiaomi. It began with the introduction of MIUI 7. Earlier, it was only available for Xiaomi phones, but in 2018, the tech company made it available in Playstore, making it accessible for other android users as well.

 With its low storage space and high speed, MI Drop has already become one of the popular data sharing apps among Android users. Moreover, using MI Drop on PC is also very easy and time-saving if one wants to transfer large-sized files from their phones. 

The easy to understand interface makes the file transfer to other devices a piece of cake.  Non-MI users can also install the application and use it for fast data sharing.  Xiaomi has been upgrading MI Drop applications ever since its introduction with the launch of MIUI 7. 

From being exclusively available only for MI users to increase its reach to other android users, the application has expanded its reach to attain a wider user base. Recently, the file transfer application was renamed as ‘ShareMe’ by its creators.

To use MI Drop for file transfer between two mobile phones, it is important to install the application in both the devices. However, this is not the case when the data is transferred to the computer from the phone.

Benefits of MI Drop

Moving away from the typical data transfer by using USB cable and Bluetooth, MI Drop helps mobile users in creating a backup of their large-sized files in the PCs in no time.

Mi Drop uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files between devices. FTP is a standard protocol which avails the facility of transferring files between computers by using the internet over TCP/IP connections. MI Drop also works offline, and it also promises a transferring speed 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Benefits of MI Drop over other applications  

While applications like Shareit have also a similar option of transferring files to the computer from the phone. Still, unlike Shareit, MI Drop saves its users from downloading it once again in their computers to perform the file transfer.

Mi Drop has an additional advantage of having a simpler interface and lesser ads unlike its counterparts like Shareit and Xender.

Mi Drop also comes with an option to share the whole folder with other devices, which makes it easy for the user to transfer files much smoothly, and it also eases their file selection hard work.

Talking about the size of the file-sharing applications, MI Drop takes the space of up to 3-4 MB, which is far less than its rival app Shareit, which takes space up to 14 MB.

To visit the history of transferred files, users have to struggle a bit to find the account of previously transferred files in SHAREit, but it is much easier and better in the case of MI Drop. The availability of all these basic features in MI Drop makes it a good option even for Non-MI phone users.   

Another feature of MI Drop, which gives it an upper edge over other file sharing applications, is its Web Sharing feature. The feature makes the application more useful for its android users as well. It also overshadows MI Drop’s incapability of multiple sharing of files.

With the help of this feature, MI Drop users can share files with any phone and any device, irrespective of the fact that they have MI Drop installed or not.

The user has to simply tap the option of web sharing, by going in the ‘four lines’ like option visible in the extreme left of the phone screen. Then by using the given password and id, other devices can connect with the phone and utilize the facility for file transferring.

Steps to transfer files from Phone to Computer by using Mi Drop

The use of the application for file transfer from phone to computer is also very convenient.  A wise explanation about the data transfer from phone to pc will make it simpler for mobile users.

Step1: is to download and install the MI Drop application from the Google play store. For most of the MI users, the file transferring application will be already installed on their devices. As the user interface of the application is quite simple, people won’t find any trouble in using the application after installing. The application like Xender and Shareit uses WiFi to transfer files from one device to another.

Step 2: is to launch the application and get acquainted with its user interface. One can try to explore the application and its various features by looking into various options available in the app. They can also personalize the MI name and also select an icon that will be visible for their device.

Step 3: is to click on send to allow the application to gain access to all the files of phones. This step is done just to make the files accessible to the application. Afterwards, one can cancel the file selection for the sending process and get ready for the next process. From images to audios, and other formats of documents, all kinds of files can be transferred by using MI Drop.

Step 4: is to connect the phone with a Wi-Fi network. As it is important to connect the phone with a Wi-Fi network for the ShareMe to function properly, one needs to make sure that the PC and the phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.   To ensure the protection of the backed up data, one can also put a password to restrict the data access by an anonymous person.

Step 5: is to connect the computer with a Wi-Fi network with a similar Wi-Fi network with which the phone is connected.

Step 6: is to select the option of ‘Connect to Computer’ after clicking the option available at the top left corner of the phone screen. Then note down the corresponding FTP address, which is visible on the phone screen while putting on the Wi-Fi after connecting it to the Wi-Fi network. This FTP (File Transfer Protocol) address will be required while attaining access to files from the computer for copying and pasting.

Step 7: Now, as we are done with our work on the phone’s side, put your hands on your PC and open a Windows Explorer tab on your PC by simultaneously pressing the ‘Windows’ plus ‘E’ key on your keyboard. Of course, there are other longer ways to attain the same destination. Hence, users can reach the Window explorer method by other options as well.

Step 8: We are about to begin the transfer process. Before that, enter the FTP address in the Windows Explorer address bar located at the top of the screen. As soon as you press enter, the computer screen will show the list of all the contents of your phone.

Step 9: Now, as per your wish, select the files, be it images, audios, pdf, and word documents, which are to be backed up in the PC. Then paste them, or move them in the PC. All these files can be freely transferred between phone and PC, as would be done over a USB connection.

Step 10: To stop the transfer process, one may use the virtually available stop button on the mobile screen. 

How To Install Mi Drop for PC

However, the easy to use method of file transfer through MI Drop needs to be enjoyed with some carefulness.  After reading till now, readers might have got acquainted with the file transfer process and have come to know that the FTP address is the gateway to the data of another person’s phone with MI Drop running in the background.

Hence, anonymous people can get access to phone data, if they know the ftp address, while the mobile user is using MI Drop application (or when the ftp server will be running on the phone).

To turn off the anonymous, tap on the top-right icon of the setting on the screen (similar to gear). After doing this, there will be an option of sign in anonymously, turn off that option.

Just after doing this, the system will ask to set up a password and ID. This ID Password will be useful whenever anyone tries to gain access by using FTP as they have to use this detail to get access to files. 

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This was all about using MI Drop to transfer files from the phone to a computer ( on which MI Drop has not been installed ). But a MI Drop user can make file transferring easier and hassle-free if they download MI Drop on their computer as well.

It is easy to imagine that if an application is able to transfer files to other devices that haven’t installed the same application, then file transferring can be much faster if both the devices have installed the same MI Drop application.

However, MI Drop cannot be installed directly on the PC. Hence, users have to put extra efforts to download the application and convert it to use on their computers.

Steps to Download Mi Drop on PC

Mi Drop cannot be directly installed on the PC. One has to use an Android emulator, like Bluestacks, Nox App Player, Andy Emulator, etc. Bluestacks is considered as one of the safest android emulators. 

So, installing the Emulator in your PC and using it further can help the user to download MI Drop on Computer.

To get a clear understanding of the method to install MI Drop on PC, here is a step by step guide to download and install Bluestack, and then MI Drop on PC:

Step 1: First, the Bluestack android application needs to be downloaded on the computer. For this, log in to the official website: From there, one can easily download the application.

Step 2: By visiting the official website, look for the option for downloading the application and select the version of the application as per the OS version of the computer.

Step 3: After downloading, install the application on the computer.

Step 4: Connect the Google Account with the application and open Google Play store.

Step 5: Search and download the MI Drop mobile application from Google Play Store on the computer.

Step 6: The application will install on the computer after downloading.

Step 7: Afterwards, the MI Drop application will also run on the computer easily, and it can be used for hassle-free data transfer.


Mi Drop for PC is a better option than Bluetooth for files which are bigger than normal. And they will take much time to transfer files by using Bluetooth. One can get an average speed of 1.5Mbps for transferring files by using Mi Drop. The speed is surely better than Bluetooth, but it can’t match the speed of USB Cable transfer.

Mi Drop, with its wide-ranging features to ensure hassle-free file transfer between phones as well as computers, makes it one of the most popular file transferring applications among android users.

Users can easily share files of any format, be it images, apk, pdf, word documents, and whatnot.

In the end, with its easy to use interface, lesser ad pop-ups and small size, it can be inferred that Mi Drop has a considerable amount of perks over other applications for transferring files on other devices.  

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