How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft

Searching for a guide to know How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft? Then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft easily with step by step guide in 2020.

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Are you frustrated that you’re unable to design your Minecraft world due to mobs? Still, stuck in the cycle of killing them again and again? In Minecraft, mobs are divided on the basis of their behavior i.e, passive, neutral, and hostile.

You would want to get rid of all three as they’re disrupting your creative world. Don’t worry, here are some commands and techniques that can help you save time and play with ease.

Let’s first address the question of what are these mobs and which ones are potential threats. Mobs are basically a shortened term for mobile in Minecraft. Mobs can range from animals to monsters. As discussed earlier mobs include passive neutral and hostile.

Passive Mobs like cows, sheep, etc won’t attack you, they’d rather flee from there. Whereas, neutral mobs will attack if provoked otherwise they can be very useful.

Neutral mobs can be used to drop items or XP, these include dolphin pandas, wolf, etc. Hostile mobs are the main antagonists in Minecraft, these are the ones you should be aware of.

They have a clear-cut motive to simply kill. Hostile Mob comprises skeletons, creepers, spiders, Endermen, etc. It becomes difficult to venture out at night or into the dark depths of the caves due to these mobs.

How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft

They are prone to attack at night while others prefer day time but irrespective of the course of the day they’re to stay away from. 

How To Kill All Mobs In Minecraft – Guide

The easiest way to handle this is with game rules. Annoyed with these mobs disrupting your creative world, just turn off spawns with /game rule doMobSpawning false. This provides you a spawn free, calm, and quiet world, where you have control when you want to enable these mobs to start spawning. 

Command: /gamerule doMobSpawning false

If you’re more committed to the idea of kill you always have the option of using a Diamond sword. But killing each and every mob every time, doesn’t that sound exhausting?

Want to step out this vicious cycle, why not use the kill commands!

These are a few methods which you can utilize to kill the mob squad using some of the kill commands:

1.Killing using UUID- Universally Unique Identifier 

Each and every entity you’re planning to kill has a unique ID which is displayed when the command is executed. Firstly, you direct yourself to the mob you want to kill,i.e look at it. If you don’t specify the target then by default the executor, who initiated the command is executed. Then type in the command /kill. Once you initiate this command a unique ID pops up, sometimes due to a bug you may not be able to see the ID try restarting the device. Select ID in order to proceed further. Finally, press enter and execute the kill command.

Command: /kill

2. Killing a Particular Type of Mob

If you’re aiming to kill a specific entity this kill command is the best option.

First, look directly at the Mob you want to target. Input the /kill command, in order to target all the entities we’ll be using @e. Type in [type=spiders], execution of this command kills all the entities of this type i.e all spiders will be killed. So press Enter to complete the execution.

Command: /kill @e[type=YourMob]

3. Killing all the Mobs all together

 If you’re planning to get rid of the entire Mob crowd all at once except yourself this is what you need to do. Input the /kill command. For targeting all the entities we’ll be using @e.Type in [type=!player], this command will execute all the Mobs disrupting your world. Initiate the command by pressing enter and you’re done!

Command: /kill @e[type=!Player]

Kill commands make your task much easier so try them out, and for those of you worried about the leftovers, simply execute the respective kill command twice and you’d get rid of them all.

 Some other kill commands that might come handy,

/kill @s: To kill the player executing the kill command

/kill name: To kill a specific player “name”

/kill @e[distance=..10: To kill all the entities within the range of 10 blocks

It is important to know your enemy before attacking them. If you’re not up for kill commands then here are some special combat techniques you need to be aware of before stepping into the battlefield.

Fighting a Creeper

They attack in daylight and their weakness is cats and ocelots. Killing a Creeper is tricky as it explodes when you hit it.  They even become very powerful when they are struck by lightning.

You have one advantage over a creeper they cannot use melee attacks. You need to attack him and immediately back off, if you run back on time it won’t explode providing you another chance to kill it.

Hence a safer way to attack a creeper is by using bow and arrow. Since you’re not engaging with it directly it won’t blow up if attacked by a bow and arrow. It is advisable to attack a creeper in water in order to avoid any damage in case it explodes.

Fighting a Zombie

Zombies spawn in the dark and cannot survive in daylight. An undead zombie mob would burn in the sunlight, hence you’ll usually find them wandering at night.

These are the most common hostile mobs present and come with variations including Baby zombie and Zombie Villager. One exceptional feature of Zombie villagers is that they can be cured using a potion.

Zombies are the kind of creatures who are pretty slow and hence easier to hit. Zombies can be fought using any weapon but preferably a sword. While attacking stands one block above them in this manner you’re out of their attack range.

Fighting a Spider

Spiders have an attacking tendency during the nightfall whereas during the day they’ll defend themselves and run away. But an arthropod becomes neutral during the daylight and will not attack unless provoked.

Spiders naturally spawn in the game and are poisonous enough to kill you directly. While attacking spiders always maintain your distance or keep a roof over your head since they’re 2 blocks wide and 2 blocks long plus they jump a lot hence fighting them is pretty difficult to maintain your distance while you kill them. Always keep in mind spiders are difficult to outrun or escape.

Fighting Endermen

Endermen are found in Overworld and also The End.  They tend to be neutral unless you attack them or look directly at them. Water is dangerous for them, fight them in water that drains their strength, and try to kill it before it teleports.

Another way to kill them is to make them fall from a cliff since they cannot teleport while falling. If you’re wearing a pumpkin or looking at them through the glass you won’t provoke them but don’t look at them directly.

Fighting Skeletons

Skeletons also span during the dark and fight during the daylight. Skeletons are powerful warriors that patrol near the fortresses. They are immune to fire and are capable of inflicting immense damage.

They use arrows to shoot. The safest tool to fight a spider is bow and arrow, try and sneak up to them and then turn yourself on them from above or side to surprise attack them.

Another smart technique is to make the skeleton fight another hostile mob that way you can easily attack and kill them both. Their weakness is water, attack them underwater and you have your kill.

Fighting Slime

Slimes are the green cubes which when attacked break down into smaller ones. When these smaller ones are killed they drop slimeballs which you need to stay away from.

Slimes usually spawn during the night time but can be found spawning during the day time as well. Their preferred place to spawn is the swaps. They usually spawn in 40 layers or so.

The best fighting technique that can be deployed for killing slimes is using melee. It breaks into smaller pieces and once you attack these pieces they split up rather than dying.

If you want to save your time and energy directly go for kill codes and get it done with the hostile mobs. Kill commands are scripted in java, they have evolved from java edition which was used in 2009 then we stumbled across java alpha in 2010, and today we have pocket edition java which was founded in 2016.

Kill commands are your life saviour but if you’re into combats, go through fighting techniques for each and every hostile mob.  You’re all set to game now, go on and get rid of these mobs!

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