How to Get More Views on Instagram Videos

Video marketing has become one of the trendiest marketing strategies on social media these days. Instagram is one of the popular social media networks that make you widely known.

Studies have shown that 21% of video interactions are more interactive and attractive than photos on Instagram. Therefore, you can use this benefit to increase more visits and participation, thereby improving the quality of your personal information.

Instagram Views

Most brands have been hoping to get more views on Instagram videos, but since these views are now publicly displayed under each video, the pressure is gradually increasing. The challenge for brands is how to get more video views on Instagram.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about four ways that have been proven effective in gaining more views on Instagram videos

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram places great importance on the use of hashtags as it directly affects your views. The engagement rate of Instagram posts with at least one tag is 12.6% higher on average than that of Instagram posts that do not contain any tags.

Even a single well-chosen hashtag is enough to encourage users to watch your video. Also, the right hashtag will help you expand your coverage and you can use the search function to connect with new members of your target audience.

Brands also use hashtags to participate in and create videos about current events. These topics are very easy to search and can provide you with more visibility very quickly. 

  1. Create Optimized Description

Instagram is a completely visual platform. When we scroll through the feed, they are all related to images and videos.

That’s why even the little details such as description matter a lot. In fact, the description can convince users to view them instead of scrolling.

There are several ways to optimize your description to increase video views:

  • Your description should be long enough to interest people, but not too long so that users don’t need to see the video.
  •  If the caption is long, place the most important and attractive part before the “see more” button. Use line breaks to break long titles into more manageable blocks.
  • Use hashtags to increase engagement.
  • You can also mention and tag relevant users, especially influencers.
  1. Post at Active Hours

Although the Instagram algorithm is affected to some extent when users view our posts, scheduling the video to run during peak hours still makes a big difference.

Since most interactions occur shortly after posting Instagram content, understanding the peak hours of your audience can greatly increase the number of video views.

With the first round of stable participation, Instagram will expand video coverage and further increase the number of views.

You have to find out the active times for your specific audiences. In fact, the differences between each brand can be large.

Although the exact time varies, the general rule of thumb is that posting in the afternoon and evening will produce the best results.

  1. Run Video Ads on Instagram

Instagram ads are a winning strategy to ensure you get more Instagram video views quickly.

If you have a video you want to watch, it is best to choose a “Video view” campaign. Instagram ads can even help ensure that these views are coming from relevant users.

Since its launch, advertising on Instagram has been very effective. Instagram engagement is higher than on other platforms.

The average click-through rate of Instagram for ecommerce brand advertising is higher than that of Facebook.


You don’t have to be an expert in getting more views on your videos. The more you utilize each opportunity, the more chances are for your videos to appear in the news feed and generate more views.

Just combine the strategies stated above with high-quality content and you will be able to increase the number of views on Instagram videos in the long run.

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