Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

Looking for a fix to Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003?

The GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 usually occurs due to NVIDIA drivers which are faulty. Many times the updated drivers can’t fix Nvidia code 0x0003 due to the older corrupted files which remain in the installation folders.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a great app for screen recording and for taking screenshots of your gameplay and also, it helps in optimizing them. They also get driver updates regularly for your graphics card. 

It has been observed that the app is sometimes very problematic when it comes to real life experience. 

The GeForce experience error Code 0x0003 can be super annoying for any Nvidia GeForce experience user. As soon as they open the app, the error code appears and the error message is displayed. 

This keeps happening multiple times and hence destroys the user’s experience. There is also the very popular ‘Something went wrong. Try rebooting your device and then launch the GeForce experience ‘ message. This makes GeForce 0x0003 a very common problem among all its users. 

The Nvidia GeForce experience error Code 0x0003 can occur due to various reasons. There can be a corrupt Nvidia driver, some Nvidia services might not be working network adapter issues, etc. 

Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0001

5 Ways to Fix Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

  1. Try reinstalling Nvidia components –

Many times, the Nvidia components tend to be corrupted. Hence, try reinstalling all the components inclusive of the Nvidia driver to see if it solves the issue.This does help fix the GeForce experience error Code 0x0003, which occurs frequently. 

  • You can do this by pressing  WINDOWS+ R to find the RUN program and then type cpl . You will now see the Programs and Features window. 
  • Once done with the above, search for all the Nvidia programs available there and uninstall them all. 
  • Now, please restart your device and download the GeForce Experience app again. This will allow it to refresh as well as automatically restore all the missing drivers of their latest versions. 
  • Once the downloading process is done, you can try restarting your device once more to recheck if the recurring error Code 0x0003 is totally gone. 
  1. Try the updated version of Nvidia Graphics Driver –

Sometimes when the Graphics Processing Unit or the GPU is not compatible with the latest windows, one might have to update it to avoid the GeForce experience error Code 0x0003. Follow the steps written below-

  • Open the Windows Device Manager by pressing Windows + X key . 
  • Now, open and expand the Display adapters and right-click on the Nvidia Graphics card and choose -‘ UPDATE DRIVER’ to get your driver updated to the latest version. 
  1. Try fixing the issue using ‘Winsock Reset Command ‘ related to network adapter-

Sometimes, there are issues  related to the network adapter which might go unnoticed. Hence, please consider  using the Winsock Reset command to reset the network adapter setting to the original and normal configuration. By following the steps below, the  error code 0x0003 issue can be resolved. 

  • Firstly, open the ‘Open command prompt windows 10’ , using the keys – WINDOWS+R, and type cmd. Now, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. This will enable you to open the command option  as Administrator. 
  • Once done with the above, you can type ‘netsh winsock reset’ in Command Prompt window,
  • Now click on ‘ENTER ‘ and soon you will have your network adapter reset and hence, will hopefully solve the GeForce experience error Code 0x0003  issue.  
  1. Reset the Nvidia services through the ‘Force reset’ option-

There are chances that some of the vital  Nvidia services could stop or disable. This might show the GeForce experience error Code 0x0003  very frequently. 

You can force the core services of Nvidia to restart using the ‘Force Restart’ option. Some of the core Nvidia services are its system container, the network service container as well as the display services. There is a probability that the issue is solved by performing this process.

  • Press WINDOWS+R and type msc. 
  • Once done, click ‘ENTER’ and you’ll find the Windows services. 
  • Once done with the above, you will find all the Nvidia services in the service window. Click on one of these  and select the ‘RESTART’ option . This will cause that particular service to restart. 
  • By chance, if any Nvidia service has yet not started, right click on them and press the ‘START’ button to let them begin their respective functions.
  1. Ensure that the Nvidia Telemetry services are interacting with the desktop-

Once you are sure that the windows services are compatible as well as interacting with the Nvidia services, please cross check to ensure that the Nvidia Telemetry container and its services are interacting and well responsive towards the windows services. This requires them to be allowed to co-operate.

  • Search for RUN and then press WINDOWS+R key and you will have a  RUN dialog box.
  • Once done with the above, type ‘Services.msc’ in the dialog box and click the OK option.
  • Now, through the Nvidia Telemetry container option, choose ‘PROPERTIES’. There, select ‘LOCAL SYSTEM ACCOUNT’. 
  • Select the check mark beside the ALLOW option and this will allow the service to interact with the device. Now, click on ‘APPLY’. 
  • Once done, from the Nvidia Telemetry services option, click on  ‘START’. 

After all this, open RUN and select ‘services.msc’ and start all the services by Nvidia related to display container, network services container as well as the local system container. 

Hopefully, all of the above methods will someway or the other, help you out to fix the GeForce experience error Code 0x0003  issue.  

The same steps above, can also be applicable to resolve the issues related to  GeForce experience error Code 0x0001.

Frequently asked questions about Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

  1. Explain to us what is a LS display container. 

Nvidia Display Container takes care of all the tasks related to displaying. LS stands for Local System meaning, all the display tasks of your particular device. 

Most of the time, the program nvcontainer.exe is responsible for problems like experience error code 0x0003.

  1.   Why do we see the experience error code 0x0001? 

GeForce experience error code 0x0001 by Nvidia is the driver which you are using and is either not normal for your particular graphics card or consists of certain corrupted components. You can fix this with the methods provided above. 

  1. Why does the experience error code 0x0003 occur frequently? 

GeForce experience error code 0x0003 by Nvidia implies that the files in your Nvidia graphics card driver are corrupted or not working and therefore the Nvidia GeForce Experience is not able to find them from your device. 

  1. Is Nvidia GeForce Experience necessary ?

Hey! The answer to this question is NO. 

 The Nvidia GeForce is not mandatory or necessary for your computer to assist you with any gameplay as it is not a default driver. 

Anyhow, this application has been proven to give you a great number of tools to enhance and smoothen your gaming experience, setting up amazing graphics as well as updating the graphics driver.

Therefore, it totally depends on your wish to install this app or not. It is NOT NECESSARY or a ‘must-have’ for your computer. 

  1. I have been repeatedly getting the annoying errors on Geforce experience. Can I just uninstall it straight away ?

Definitely. You can uninstall the Nvidia Geforce experience if you are facing this issue every now and then. It won’t harm the device in anyways as it is not the default display driver. It is primarily for optimizing your gaming experience and is not an inbuilt software. 


Nvidia GeForce experience is a great application which serves you with a number of facilities. But like many errors and bugs, the error codes 0x0001 and 0x0003 can disrupt your experience.

This issue will hopefully be resolved with a newer update of the app. This method is practically easier and is proven to be the most effective one. 

If you are really annoyed by the repeated error message, also attempt to uninstall it and reinstall it. This will help you find an updated version of the app with the newest features and a much more simplified design. 

Above mentioned are the top five predominantly used methods to fix these bugs. Please do try implementing them if you want to avoid the errors which pop frequently.

This was our attempt to present to you, a concise concept of all the available information about the best possible and easily accessible ways to fix such bugs. Please do read all the details above for a complete picture about the concept and the various alternative ways to fix such issues.  

Although we have put in our best efforts to introduce to you the best and most genuine information, there could be chances of faults and inaccuracy of data. Such mishaps are regretted and we therefore suggest our readers to always check with a technician or a person with good knowledge about the same, for a good and satisfied experience. 

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