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With the availability of huge content on the internet, there is a fair share of people who are constantly indulging in downloading their use files.

Be it a new song, popular movie, or even use the software, all the files in various formats are available. Mainly people use official websites and other pages to download data by using the Internet server.

Torrent has emerged as an alternative to the widely used common methods of downloading and sharing files.

Flud For Pc


Torrent works on a different principle of peer to peer protocol. The fact that internet users have to spend less time and don’t have to struggle with slow downloading speed while using torrent has made the software increasingly popular among the masses.

As mentioned earlier, BitTorrent is actually based on peer to peer downloading protocol, where the ‘to be downloaded’ data is not saved on a single located server or website. Instead, it is saved in parts into various computers that keep on sharing files between each other without the control or coordination by a central computer.

Under the Torrent downloading system, computers download and upload the same file between each other. After loading the .torrent file into the Torrent client. The computer will join the Torrent swarm, which is a pathway of other computers who have downloaded the same .torrent file.

Afterwards, the Torrent client will contact a tracker in the searched .torrent file. With its main job as to keep track of all the connected computers, the tracker will also share the computer’s IP address with other computers, which are a part of the swarm.

This process, despite being quite risky, can be made safe by using other options like VPN. The downloading process is completed step by step by enabling the whole file’s download in small pieces.

These pieces are available in different computers connected with swarm. As the newly joined computer downloads enough data (or we can say bits), the data is then shared by the computer with other computers.

This simply means that our computer will also start sharing files that are downloaded in it. The process is called seeding. The availability of more seeds means faster downloading.


1. TRACKER: It is mainly a server that assists in directing peers, making downloads. It also performs many other jobs. They route little data fragments to downloaders and assist them in connecting with other devices, which are known as peers.

2. SEEDER/LEECHER: After downloading, a device becomes a seeder as it can transfer the file to any other device that may look for it (in future). When the device is engaged in downloading, it will be termed as a leecher.

3. SWARM: A group of devices that download and upload a similar file in the community.

4. CLIENT: The program or web service, which is used by a torrent file to identify the method of downloading and uploading the files.


After knowing about the downloading process of a torrent, readers know that it is important to download a Torrent Client to render the services of downloading files from torrent.

There are various torrent clients available in the market, and each one of them has its own features and benefits for its users. Mainly one can look for an easy to use, simple, and lightweight

Torrent client for their downloading. It is more important to look for a good and fast working client as per the individual’s use. Along with this, one can also look for the number of seeders and trackers available in a client before starting to use the application.

The more the number of seeders and trackers, the more it will be easy for the new user to easily download their file. There are also many torrent clients in the market, which are brimming with a huge number of advertisements, and one has to pay to remove those advertisements.


Apart from many of the torrent clients available in the market, FLUD torrent is a good option for many users as FLUD Torrent is an easy to use and handy program that can download the files from sites much faster.

There are many torrent clients, but it is important to select an appropriate one, as many clients are just not useful enough because of the lack of seeders and trackers. This is not the case with FLUD.

The program doesn’t show unnecessary ad pop-ups and doesn’t take its users to another link or on-page by a mistaken click on the screen’s appearing ads. The application is available to you in two versions, one is the free version, and the other one is the free version.

The free version is also very useful as it has some features which are exclusively provided in the paid versions of other torrent clients. Moreover, downloading is also much faster in the client because of the availability of ample seeders and trackers.

Another such feature of the program is that it lets its users care freely stream on the videos and other contents, without waiting for the torrent downloading to get completed.

The client also provides the best trackers to ensure high speed downloading of the files by identifying available seeders in the swarm. The program doesn’t even restrict the speed of downloading for its users.

One can reach the maximum speed provided by their internet connection while surfing and downloading via Flud. Users can also restrict the limit of the data speed by themselves.

Users are also free to change most of the settings as per their convenience as the program provides them maximum accessibility. They can make changes to the parameters such as directory, speed, sequence, and priority.

In an overall evaluation, the program has the following features:

1. It is easy to use for beginners because of its simple appearance.

2. The program has a clear and normal User Interface, which makes it easy for users who are new to the world of peer-to-peer downloading.

3. There is no capping on the maximum speed limit by the program

4. Sequential Download support: To get an instant preview of the files which are being downloaded, Flud also supports sequential downloading. At times, this feature is not supported by many other torrent clients.

5. Pre-selection of files for downloading: One can pre-select the files to avail the facility of downloading after one another. This enables the users to make a list for the sequential downloading.

6. Users can also move the files while downloading.

7. The program also has the ‘Download over Wifi only’ feature.

8. The program doesn’t use much of the energy of the device. Hence, it doesn’t prove to be a burden on the device.

How To Download Flud For Pc

The program is only available for mobile phones, and it can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore by Android users to ease their downloading experience of videos and movies and other big files.

However, there are many ways you can download the application on their computer. To download the application on the computer, it is important to download an emulator so that the PC can easily download applications from Playstore.

There are various emulators that one can download to ensure easy installation of mobile applications on computers.

One such emulator is Bluestacks. It is one of the reputed emulators in the market, which can easily convert most of the mobile applications without any questions. People can use this for mobile phone installation.

Following is the link to download the Bluestacks emulator for Windows and MAC computers:


Steps To Download Flud APK For Pc

STEP 1: This takes us to the first step of installing FLUD on a computer, which is downloading an emulator. If an emulator is already installed on the computer, then one should simply skip to the third step. After downloading Bluestacks, one needs to install and launch the application.   

STEP 2: After launching the application, one needs to register with their Google account.

STEP3: Open the emulator and search for the FLUD Torrent Downloader on Google Play store.

STEP3: After searching, look at the result and download the FLUD Torrent Downloader.

STEP4: Afterwards, the application will be downloaded and installed on the computer, which can be used to download large files on the computer.


Just like its mobile version, FLUD provides an easy interface for its users. The application makes sure that most of the necessary options are available on the first screen of the computer or phone.

The torrent downloads can be added/deleted, started/paused by the user. Users can also add magnet links as well as search for new torrents in the application from their device. The main screen shows three tabs in it: All, Queued, and Finished.  

In the application, users can search for the movie they wish to download, paste the magnet link, and start the download. Following are the main touchpoints(icons) which can be used to download and search for files in the application:

1. Search icon- Users can begin a new search of their file on Google.

2. Magnet: It is used to paste the file’s magnet link, which was copied by the user from the search link.

3. Start/Pause: One can start and pause the ongoing download of the file by using the icon

4. By using the plus sign inside a pink circle in the low right corner, users can manually add the a.torrent file link from their device.

Flud also enables its users to access all the details of the downloaded files. It also gives them access to other information like location, trackers, peers, and bandwidth.

While visiting the setting option in the application, users can get access to the following segments:

1. Storage

2. Queue

3. Bandwidth

4. Interface

5. Network

6. Power Management

7. Scheduling

Using the proxy settings, one can get a proxy id that will be visible to other peer devices and in public for the computer. This will help the user to maintain privacy while using the application for downloading.

IP filtering helps in importing IPs in the blocklists from tools such as peer guard/guardian. It enables the user to get to block unwanted IPs which they want to connect with.


STEP 1: Open the application, and search the name of the desired movie(taken as an example) by using the search option. This will lead to certain results in the Google application

STEP 2: As the search result will show the link of certain sites containing the downloading details of the files(which are required to be downloaded), click on one of the links.

STEP 3: After clicking on the link, the website will show the details of the movie. There will also be an option of copying the magnet of the file. Click on that option.

STEP 4: After clicking on the option, one will be again redirected to the FLUD application’s interface, with the entire details of the movie.

STEP 5: After checking the details, click on the top right ‘plus’ icon, which will start the downloading of the movie.

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1. Torrent is a very useful platform for those looking for an option to ensure the speedy download of large-sized files, but there are certain things about which one needs to be very careful.

As the whole concept is about peer to peer protocol, where the downloading takes place between member devices instead of a single network, all the computers get the access of the IP address of the computers in the swarm.

It also includes the device’s ISP or digital copyright group. Hence, one needs to be careful to use the facility of proxy IP or VPN to maintain privacy.

2. If the user intends to download the file with no ‘seeds,’ then there will be no download until some of them are available.

3. As it is a two-way process of downloading and uploading in torrent, it will burden the data connection of the device. Hence, it is advised to have a fast data connection.

4. It is quite difficult to find out what is being downloaded until the end of the download. Hence, one may end up wasting plenty of data by downloading an unwanted file.

To avoid such situations, one can verify the file by reading the comments on the comment section. Positive feedback might help in checking the genuineness of the file. Otherwise, one can simply check for other sites to copy the magnet and download the file from their application.

5. The legality of Torrent: Torrent is a protocol; hence the whole of the process can’t be regarded as illegal. The tracker has to make sure the legality of the data is transferred in the network. After the tracker, it comes upon the member devices of the community. Hence, one should refrain from blindly downloading copyrighted works on public trackers.  

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