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Searching for Es File Explorer For Pc? Then now that you are the right place as we will be telling you how you can download Es File Explorer For Pc Windows 10,8,7.

It has become necessary to manage the large number of files that we have on our personal devices. Many times, it gets really difficult to search for any existing files in the device.

To simplify the task of managing files and data on the phone, there are several applications which can give a different experience to its users on their android phones and as well on their PCs. 

ES File explorer has maintained its reputation as one of the best file managing applications in mobile phones.  It works on the principle of enhancing the experience of users with its simplicity.

ES File Explorer is being used by millions of android users on their phones. It helps them manage their files of different formats, data, and other kinds of files.

The main unique advantage of this explorer is that it can run on computers as well as on mobile phones. Moreover, the file management also lets its users manage the files of their PC from their phones and vice versa. 

The ES File Explorer is one of the best file managing applications for mobile and for computers and has many advantages.

Es File Explorer For Pc

Es File Explorer For Pc

Any device, be it a phone or a computer, needs a well-managed system to ensure planned sync, storage, and management of the available data files. To fulfill all these purposes, file managers are installed in devices.

They reduce the extra efforts of the users and simplify the management of files by categorizing them on their types and in other ways. Because of its easy use and low space consumption, ES Explorer is considered to be an apt application for file management as it can be used in phones as well as in computers.

The application has minor changes and additional benefits on the phone and computer. Hence one can always do a little research about its working on the phone and the computer.

Despite being popular, the application has been removed from Google Play Store because of some issues between Google and the parent company of the application. However, the application can be easily downloaded from other websites.

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Es File Explorer APK For Pc

ES File explorer has multiple uses in an android application. From managing files in the device to sharing particular files to other devices, the application gives a lot of reasons to make it one of the most popular applications among mobile users. It is also easy to manage and is fast. 

Just like the default file manager existent in phones, ES Explorer is of great use with some additional benefits, like managing hidden files in the device, using storage to optimize device performance, etc.

The application also has some additional features like a download manager and a music player. Users have options like cut, copy, paste, and create while using the application.

Along with this, this application also helps the users to send files to others via email.  Users can know about the storage state and file size by using the application.

Moreover, one can easily decompress ZIP or RAR files, access content of documents in files of different types, and so on, making it an application of maximum utility for android users.

The file management application also lets the mobile user search the file and upload it on the cloud. Before doing this, one has to log in with their Gmail account to get access to their Gmail drive. It also enables the device to connect with other devices by using LAN, FTP, Bluetooth, WiFi, and other tools.

Download Es File Explorer For Pc Windows 10

Managing files on computers is more important for those who use a lot of mobile applications on their PCs as well. Of course, there will be an already installed emulator in the PC, which helps in downloading and installing the mobile applications on the computer.

With applications comes huge numbers of files that too in different formats, be it video, audio, pdf, and whatnot. Hence, it gets equally important to download a file manager for the effective management of these files. ES Explorer not only performs its basic function properly, but it also enables the device to connect with other devices easily.

Hence, ES Explorer will be an important application on computers, which already has many other installed applications (which generally run on the phone).

As the application works in a similar manner as it does on phones, one doesn’t find it difficult to use the application on their PCs. The application will also help the users in securing a safe backup of their files and data.

Features OF ES File Explorer:

  • Interface: The application has a plain and easy to understand interface with certain icons and tap options to use the features of the application. Users can use the following tap options to perform the desired tasks in the applications:
  • Icon, similar to a magnifying glass, is used to search for files by typing the name of the file.
  • The icon similar to three dots available in the top right corner is tapped to get more options for performing tasks like changing the theme, visiting the library, using the network to transfer files, make changes in settings, marking favourites to some files, etc.
  • Icon of Window helps the user in knowing about the currently open tools and menu.
  • File Analysing Tools of ES Explorer: The file analyzing tool of the application can be used by tapping on the Analyse option available on the top right corner of the phone screen.  The analyzing tool enables the user to see the distribution of storage space among saved files. It also shows the available space in the device.  The option of Internal Storage Analyse lets the user to deeply know about the distribution of data in different categories, individually.
  • Local Network Services available in the application: The application also lets the device to connect with other devices by using various local network services. This function makes it easy to transfer files from one device to another. Application users can access the following network services:
  • Local Area Network (LAN): One can easily connect their Windows device to another by using the local area network and transfer files to other devices.
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol is another way to use the application for transferring data. The ‘View on PC’ option lets the users start an FTP server and get access to their device’s file on the computer.
  • Bluetooth: The traditional method used for transferring files is also available in the application.
  • Net Manager: This feature helps the user in controlling Wi-Fi connections or in creating a hotspot on the device. Moreover, users can also drop files directly to other devices that are running ES File Explorer on the same network.
  • Prominent tools available in the application: Along with all the amazing features available in the application, there are certain tools that make this application more useful for its users.
  • First comes the Download Manager, which can be used to initiate a download by simply entering a URL and filename and begin the download. The second tool is Music Player, which lets the user play music in the background.
  • The third tool named ‘Cleaner’ enables the user to scan for trash files, useless APK files, ad contents, unnecessary downloaded files, and other junk materials, which enable the user to delete them for cleaning up space. The additional tool of Note Editor can be used to create text files, notes by using plain editors.
  • One can easily customize the application by changing its display theme or by making a change in its other configuration. The application is also very fast and responsive, even on old models of the phone.


Apart from effectively managing files and providing the option of sync to its users, the application also eases the file-sharing process between two devices.

Reducing the effect of file sharing applications like Shareit, Xender, and ShareMe, this file management app provides equal facility to transfer files. One can easily drop files from one device to another(which is also using ES File Explorer).

At the same time, other options like LAN, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi enable the device to connect with other devices (which do not have ES Explorer).  For an easy transfer of files, here is a simple guide to perform the task between android phones and Computers.

STEP 1: Firstly, one is required to create a shared folder on Windows PC. One can name it whatever they want to like, ‘Shared File’ (as an example).

STEP 2: After opening the ES File Explorer on Android phone, tap the Globe icon, which is visible on the upper left corner of the phone screen.

STEP 3: Choose the Network option and select the LAN option.

STEP 4: Step back to the menu, at the top bottom, and select the Search option to find available network shares on LAN.

STEP 5:  Find a network to which the computer is connected as well. If there exists no such network, then connect the computer to a local network, followed by connecting the phone to the same local network.

STEP 6: After connecting, the icon of Windows PC will appear. Click on it and connect.

STEP 7: After clicking, there will appear an option of filling the details of Server, Username, and Password. Fill the details.

STEP 8: The server of the computer can be found by searching for ‘CMD’ in the round own after clicking the START button on the computer.

STEP 9: As a box with certain commands will appear, type ‘ipconfig’ after C:\Users\localadmin>. Then press enter.

Step 10: Find the IP address in the shown result on the box. Fill it in the option of IP Server in the ES Explorer at Step7.

STEP 11:  After entering the option, there will appear an icon of the computer. Click on it.

STEP 12: After tapping on it, you will find the option of a shared folder.

STEP 13: By clicking on it, one can easily access the files and copy and paste them on their phones as well.

How To Download Es File Explorer For Pc

Knowing the high utility of the ES File Explorer, one must want to download the application on their devices.

It gets more useful to download the application on computers, which are already teeming with files and data originated from previously existing mobile applications on the computer.

STEP 1: The first step is dedicated to those who haven’t downloaded an emulator on their PC. An emulator lets a computer download and installs an application that is available for phones only.

There are many emulators available on the internet. A simple search will take the user to some of the best emulators for downloading. One such emulator is Bluestacks players. Following is the link to download Bluestacks for Windows and MAC:

STEP 2: By visiting on the link, select the suitable version of the BlueStack application. Afterwards, download and install the application.

STEP 3: Register in BlueStack by using the Google email id.

STEP 4: Search for ES File Explorer in Google, and visit an authentic site to download the explorer.

STEP 5:  Visit the most reliable site and download the application.

STEP 6: After downloading, install the application on the computer, and it is ready to be used for file management and data transfer.

Drawback of This Application:

This is a kind of complaint which can be simply ignored. Many people say that the application has too many features, which makes it, according to them, less of a file managing application.

High advertisements on the free version of the application make it a very undesirable option for those who get really irritated by constant pop-ups. The advertisement makes it a lesser preferable option.

But with so many features and options, one can compromise with this factor, or even move a step ahead and get a paid version of the application.

With these ignorable drawbacks, the application is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an application to manage their files and also enjoy some additional features aptly.

As the application is very easy to use and can be easily customized, it gives an additional advantage to its users. The application will be a good option for computers as well. The file transferring feature makes the user free from the need of an extra file-sharing application. 

The option of compressing and decompressing files gives an additional advantage to the users. Users can also perform the file management on other devices by using their own devices with the help of ES Explorer. All these features make it a preferable option for computers as well as for android phone owners.  

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