Download Du Recorder For Pc – Windows 7/8/10 & macOS

Are you searching for Du Recorder For Pc? Then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you how you can install Du Recorder For Pc easily without any errors or problems.

Du recorder is an amazing application that can help you record your screen in style, and its various other features make this application the best. DU recorder obviously has screen recording, but it is also HD video supported, recording video as it is with all its clarity.

The DU recorder can record the screen in any resolution. DU recorder can help you Livestream your device screen to any social media like Facebook, youtube, etc. You can record the screen in  GIF format as well, making recording interesting by converting into a small glimpse of everything.

You can also use the option of the brush to draw anything on the screen as per your likes. The screen recording has pause and resumes options, which can help you record your video smoothly.

The version of the DU recorder is 0.1; the application was last updated in January 2020; the size of the application is 23.34 KiB.

Du Recorder For Pc

How To Install Du Recorder For Pc

  • Firstly, you have to install the application called bluestacks, which would be needed when you would be required to install the DU recorder with the help of the apk file.
  • After downloading the file through the above-stated steps, you would be required to click onto the folder, and you will find du recorder apk.
  • You can download the application from other sources too, or you can simply get them on google.
  • After you are done downloading the apk file of the du recorder, it opens the emulator, which is the bluestack application.
  • Click on the three-dot, which you will find on your screen, and select the apk file option.
  • Go to the downloaded apk file and click on it, and you will have your du recorder installed into your device automatically.
  • You can use du recorder without any glitches and explore its amazing features.

Du recorder is very easy to use on your personal computer, and all you have to do is get it installed and hit the record button. You can also edit your video in the application without any help from other default applications. You can also share the recorded video to other sharing applications.

You can smoothly stream live with the help of this application, where others can join you and enjoy the time with you. This can be the best choice for YouTubers for live streaming, which doesn’t have good live streaming software at present.

You can live stream in various social media applications such as youtube, Facebook, etc. , giving your fans an amazing experience through HD live streaming.

This application is labor-saving. You can totally control the application from the notification bar without having to open it. You can click on to record or stop for recording and capturing your device screen.

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As the front camera is enabled, du recorder can record both internal and external audios. You can stop the recording by just shaking the device rather than having to open it or without operating it through the notification bar.

Normally, after capturing the screenshot, you might need other applications to edit them. The du recorder provides you a screenshot and edits them and can merge different other screenshots together.

How To Install Du Recorder On Pc Windows 10,8,7

  • Get bluestack installed by the above steps on your personal computer; this application will at least occupy 4 GB RAM space of your personal computer.
  • The file size is approximately about 26.98 MB. The category of this application is editor and video. It is officially developed by The android version is 5.0 and above. The application has an installation of almost 50,000,000 and above. The rating of the DU recorder is 4.7/5.0.
  •  Firstly, you have to install a bluestacks emulator because there is no official software available for personal computers.
  •  Now download the apk file and extract it after it is completely downloaded and remember the place it was extracted.
  • Download the apk file of the DU recorder as well from its official website after you have installed it into the emulator sign into the bluestack using your email address.
  • After the emulator is successfully installed, the interface will look like a tablet on your personal computer screen.
  • Go to the play store on the dashboard of the screen and search for du recorder like you do on mobile.
  • After searching, click on the install button to get it installed, then open it and enjoy its amazing features.
  • So, this is the complete installation process to download and install this app on your pc. 
  • If you are the mac user and want to download the du recorder for mac? Then the same process is for you also.
  • Here, you just need to install the emulator on macOS, so download that version only.

The application is totally user friendly and very easy to use.

Features Of Du Recorder For Pc

  • Du recorder application is considered to be very convenient and user friendly because of its time to time updates for making the best version of the application by adding adequate features and adjustment for better usage of the application. The application updates as soon as any hitch is encountered.
  • The application is totally free to use and doesn’t contain any charges. It has a live apk file that is easily accessible, and there are no mid charges so that when you are halfway lured into the application, you don’t get disappointed. There is no recording time limit in this application. The user gets to decide when to record and when to stop.
  • The application has a collection of different languages, thus making it easily accessible to every individual, including non-English speaking users.

How To Stream Live Using Du Recorder For Pc

  • Firstly, you have to install the du recorder through your google play store then select onto the live creator.
  • Go to the option showing in your device screen live creator and click on the live button
  • Choose your platform to go live for, such as youtube or Facebook.
  • Type your title as per your convenience
  • Then start your live streaming using the DU recorder.
  • Now, others can watch your live video without any glitches.
  • With du recorder you can go on live for GAMES, MOVIES, TV SHOWS, VIDOES, AND NEWS

Screen recording in the DU recorder

You can add the screen recording feature to the centers of control, tap onto the record button, and select a DU recorder to record your screen and save videos to your device. The DU recorder provides fluid and constantly stable screen recordings. You can even record video calls with family members or even popular live shows.

Features of editing in the DUrecorder

Du recorder contains amazing editing features like:-

  • You can easily trim or remove any part of the video from the recorder video
  • You can add music as per your convenience from the vast variety of songs
  • You can also add text, subtitles to the recorded video.
  • To make your video interesting you can also add frames and stickers
  • You also add local images from your personal devices and customize its watermark to make the recorded video better.
  • You can do adequate adjustments to speed; also, you will be able to alter the speed in different sections of the recorded video.
  • The amazing feature of voice recording can allow you to make commentary on the video you have recorded.
  • There are a variety of filters that can enhance the texture of the recorded video.
  • You can crop the video to any ratio to your benefit
  • You can merge multiple videos and choose any transition effects.
  • You can easily convert your recorded video to a GIF format.
  • Du recorder also provides a facepalm feature; you can record the reaction of your dear people by a facepalm.

DU recorder premium

  • Du recorder has advanced features in premium for better work.
  • You can join now and can explore all its astounding features.
  • It includes features such as watermark removal
  • Customize your watermark 
  • Customize your paused picture 
  • Customize your speed, crop, RTMP broadcasts, feedback channel, and much more content.
  • After joining into the premium, you will be able to get access to all paid features and materials exclusively only for paid members
  • Du recorders premium is billed as per the plans monthly or annually selected.
  • Payment will be charged in your iTunes account as soon as the purchase is confirmed
  • If you’re an Apple user, as per the apple store policy, your subscription will be automatically renewed as soon as the free trial ends.
  • The subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renewed is turned off at least 24 hours before the current end period arrives.

Things you would want to consider before recording:-

You can use a steps recorder to solve your troubles.  It is a program that helps you troubleshoot a problem that has been occurring on your device. This program will help you record the exact steps you took when the problem occurred, and then you can send that video to the professional for help to get a solution out of the problem faced.


While you are recording the screen make sure you are recording things which are not personal that can invade or disturb your privacy

Information regarding your personal identity should be kept out of the videos while you’re recording the screen.


  • The application is free
  • Accessible on any device
  • Supports HD
  • Records video without any glitches
  • Amazing editing features
  • Voice recording features
  • Can add text or subtitles
  • Easy live streaming


  • Too many advertisements
  • Is du recorder safe

Is du recorder safe?

It is absolutely safe when you know all the privacy terms that you have agreed to. It can only be harmful socially when while you’re recording the screen, you show a password or username, so be careful while you’re recording your screen make sure you’re not showing off your username or password, etc. Be extra careful when you try to live stream it.


Now, as you know, the astounding features du recorder application offers, you should definitely have this application on your personal computer.

If you’re an online content creator, you should definitely lay your hand onto this application for better content and smooth streaming. So don’t wait and start installing this application by going through the steps mentioned above.

If any glitches are occurring, you can surely approach the application support team and let them know the trouble you are facing. This article has mentioned all that you’re looking for, from installing to its use to the amazing features this application offers.

You can record your video in HD and also live stream it on any social media as you please, edit the video as per your convenience and make it interesting over voice recordings by adding commentary.

As it is free on the play store and on its official website, it is easily accessible to you, and you can use this application on any device as per your convenience. However,  it has advertisements that can lag your performance. Therefore, you can get rid of it by purchasing the premium version of the DU recorder. 

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