How To Fix Discord Update Failed (2020)

Are you looking for a fix to Discord Update Failed? Then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you how you can fix Discord Update Failed error in 2020.

Did you search this article for solving one of your biggest problems while having an audio call with your friends in the middle of a game? I know that you’re irritated right now but, go through this fully for a perfect solution.

As we all know that this is an app for gamers to have a real-time conversation, it’s usually facing trouble in between at the time of update and that is the problem that we are going to deal with. 

This problem might seem really difficult for those who know nothing about computers or apps just like me because for months even I was just blinking about these updates and I used to search and search about the solution for my problem online.

Discord Update Failed

I am damn sure that this article will really help you solve your difficulty without just stressing your brain off and even this is easily understandable by every people because I gave these steps in the easy that everyone can easily understand because you searched this for solving your problem I again don’t want to create another problem by not understanding this article. 

You will find this article in a friendly and simple language so that everyone can understand this really quickly.

Now stop reading this introduction and get into the steps given below this introduction is just to get you to know about the simplicity of this problem because this is such an easy problem to solve but many take this in big issues and stress about this so if you follow the steps properly and correctly you can easily overcome the update problem that you face in discord. 

How To Fix Discord Update Failed


Sometimes your devices need a restart and that will really help you reload your computer quickly. You would surprise how many simple actions can fix a huge problem. Wondering how to do that?

It’s very simple. Click Start and use the power button to restart your computer. This might really seem funny turning your device off and on again because everyone will react like Dude!

We already know that but sometimes this simple solution will be the biggest cure for the biggest solution. So even after this, you’re the problem if not solved then move on to the steps which I have to give below cause that will help you in solving it.

Not only for this particular problem but also for most of the problems that we face in our device will be solved just by turning your device on and off.

Without knowing this many people will just freak out that their device is repaired and they start to feel depressed about that.

So this might make you feel funny but if you turn your device off and on once most of your problem might get solved. Even after this, you’re facing the same trouble let’s continue with our step 2. 


Let us make sure that discord is fully shut down for further processes. For which we need to open task manager and that can be done in a various way as follow,

 -Vist search panel for opening Task manager.

 -you can also do it in a little modern way by pressing (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) 

 -Task manager, alternatively you can also hold (Ctrl+Shift+esc) in windows 10          -You can also Right-Click the taskbar below and select task manager 

Once the task manager is opened we are going to search through the list to make sure that discord isn’t running. If you do feel discord in the list you can simply right-click and select the end task. Once discord has been exited completely.

We are going to be navigating to the app data folder on your system. You might think why did they give you this many options just to open and task manager but some people may face difficulty in opening the task manager so they can use the way which is comfortable for their device and for themselves.

And even some devices will workout in any of these options for opening the task manager, so whoever is comfortable for you and your device that might be used for opening the particular process.


You can go to the start menu and type run and click enter. Once you have run the app data command you should be navigated to the folder within your system however the folder may be roaming and roaming.

You actually need to move up a little before which will navigate you outside the level. Actually, you need to move into the local folder within this folder you should find the main to support folder.

After navigating to the discord folder you are going to find in one of the executables called update.exe. We are going to do it from backup.

We are going to right-click this update.exe and change the name of the folder to update1.exe once you have done this you should be able to open up discord without any problem. 

This might make you feel a bit confused but, this is actually very simple once you understand the content step by step.

So if you’re just like me blinking for finding a solution for your device problem in this update you just need to cool down first which will help your brain understand the above content very easily.

Or else take some time or distract yourself from this app update problem and then come after about an hour to solve this problem. And this article will act as a hot coffee on a super chill rainy day.


If the above steps do not work properly to solve your problem the only way is Reinstalling the app again, This will automatically give you the updated version. Reinstallation is not the solution to every problem but, It is the only solution for some unknown problem and it is necessary to erase them along with the app.

But most of the people usually reinstall their app even if they are facing a small use in logging in or any other process,  that is really bad because reinstalling an app should only be done if you are facing a major issue like updating even after many attempts.

They just get irritated because of that loading process and they think that problem can be solved just by reinstalling the app.

Which is really a bad suggestion by themselves.  And that where you’re wrong. It will just take a couple of minutes to reinstall an app on your device.

As I said turning your device off and on will solve the maximum part of your problem like that even if your problem is not solved after these many easy steps and you really need to reinstall your app which you’re using on your device.

I think the above steps will help you solve your problem because all the people who are facing or who already faced this update problem just solved their update problem just by the above steps so I would highly recommend you with these steps. 


This discord update problem will arise many because of that might not be able to update because of the need of administrator-level privileges to run. Many times this will be the problem that will cause the update failed problem in your device.

If you wanna clear this particular problem in your device which will not affect any other or create any new problem in your device you must disable your windows defender.

Because that will not allow your app to run prevailingly it will control your apps run so when you disable them, the apps will run automatically which will never cause you this update problem in the coming future.

DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS To Fix Discord Update Failed Loop Windows 10

The second process is to disable your antivirus, this is done to make sure that your antivirus is not blocking your discord update because this might happen in some of your devices. 

You might be thinking how to do that? I will help you with that, just go to your setting and type antivirus defender, and straight away it will lead you toward the page and you can disable that particular process.

Even if this is not the person that we are searching for that culprit might be the third-party antivirus. For killing this antivirus you can open the task manager to kill the running process of antivirus. 

UPDATE YOUR ADMINISTRATOR To Fix Discord Update Failed Mac

Sometimes the update might not complete because of your administrator, it might not have a proper update with itself. So you need to update your administrator first for the process to further move on.

So before updating your administrator you need to look through that no other discord is running off your pc anymore because that might lead to a problem.

This can be done by navigating to the location of the discord downloaded file and you need to right-click the file and you need to choose the administrator folder to begin the update process.

You will receive some warning messages but please ignore them. This is the nuke and corner solution of the problem that you might and will face when an update failed in discord. 

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