Guide To All The Discord syntax codes

Searching for Discord syntax codes? Then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you about Discord syntax codes.

Discord is an application for gamers to enjoy and interact. It helps them to enjoy their space and screen so they are enabled to enjoy and enhance their gaming experience.

Sometimes, in the application, it is seen that some people use special features that make the content look very attractive. These features are unaware to many and especially to the new users to this application Discord.

Discord Syntax Codes

This article will be extremely beneficial to the users who are new and are in need of guidance to use these features which make the content look attractive.

This would promise to be a useful article as the reader would learn all the secrets to perfecting their formatting in this application of Discord.

The article has offered various syntax codes and formatting codes for the users who are both in beginner and advanced level to enjoy and explore.

Exploring this application with these codes will definitely enhance their whole experience and will make sure that they are also engaged in with his application.

There are still some limitations in these applications but they will be resolved with them. 

Discord syntax codes

1. Format Text in Discord: 

  1. To make the text in bold, the user would just have to insert the text that they wish to be bold in Asterix which should be done twice. Asterix can be achieved by pressing the shift key+8. For instance **bolded text** 
  2. For italics text, the user would just have to insert the Asterix once. Asterix can be achieved in the same way as mentioned above in point a. For example, *italics text*. 
  3. Now to create a text which is bold and italicized, the individual would have to type three Asterix marks. For example, ***bold italics text***. 
  4. To create a text which in underlined the user would have to use to lower dashes at the two ends of the text. For example, __underlined text__. 
  5. To create a strikethrough text, the individual would have to (~) use this sign twice. For example, ~~strikethrough~~. 

 Escaping texts and to see all the underscores and Asterix: 

One can easily see all the commands if they just add all the backslashes to their markdowns. The backslashes are added at the beginning of the text.

If an individual has required backslashes, in the beginning, there wouldn’t be nay required in the end. If the individual would not have any underscores then no backslashes would be required by them. 

These two points mentioned above revolve around the issue of basic and beginner formatting. The next part of the article will constitute the advances formatting.

This advanced formatting can be a little complex t understand but definitely it would be explained in easy and simple language for the readers to understand.

If the readers read and understand them carefully, then the whole process becomes easy to understand. The only keys in this basic formatting which the users would have to remember are underscores, Asterix, and backslashes. 

2. Advanced Text Formatting in Discord:

  1. To create a single line code block in Discord, one would have to use ‘tick’ and ‘backtick’ format to their texts. This key is usually difficult to find but it is places wrote above the ESC key on the Windows laptops. For example, the formatting for this would look like, `This is an example of a single line code block`. 
  2. To create a multiple line code block text, one would have to create instead of using a single backtick text, they would now have to use three of them placed at the beginning and at the end of the text. It would look like this when three of them are used (“`). To make the text look need, the user would always be recommended to space out and press enter between the commands. For example, the text would somewhat look like this which is mentioned below: 

“`Experimenting with …

… Multiple lines…

… For my code blocks!“`

  1. The text coloring and highlighting format have not been clearly mentioned for the application Discord. It has been haphazardly mentioned which is not quite clear. There are some technical changes that need to be done but it is still trying to figure out since the syntax for them is not clear yet. There are some limitations to this whole issue as the appropriate syntax for this has not been found yet and seems to be a little difficult to explore as well. This will all happen resolve, once the appropriate solution to this text has been found. There are some variables that need to be added as well but they are not made aware or there is no perfect steady formatting known for it yet. 
  2. Some of the colors are easy, if an individual wishes to color their text red, they would just have to add a dash (-) before their text. For example, ‘-this is a red text’. 
  3. For a red-orange text, the individual would just have to add a bracket ([) before and after the text. For example, [This is a red-orange text]. 
  4. One would just have to add three tick marks at the start of the text if they wish for it to be in yellow color. There are some limitations to the text color in yellow but it will be solved soon. One should be careful while formatting the text in yellow color as they should not keep any extra space in between. 
  5. For getting a green text, one would just have to put a (+) before the text. For example, +this is a green text. For a light green text, instead of + sign, the user can replace it with just quotation signs which will be around the text. To get a dark green text, they would have to add the syntax ‘bash’ with the quotation text to make it look perfect. 
  6. For a blue text, one would just have to put the brackets [] around the text. The user can also put a single dot (.) before the text to get the blue color as well. But they would be sure if the user is following the dot strategy there can’t be any space between the text and the syntax. 

3. Markdown text formatting strategy: 

  1. Markdown Tutorial: This is quite a popular and neat learning tool that will help the individuals to learn the proper markdown strategy and it will in turn help them to know all the required tricks to this problem. The user can then easily learn the proper guidance as to how the text would appear on the screen. This would be a proper and a beneficial guidance for the individuals. 
  2. Markdown Cheatsheet: After going through the tutorial, this would be the next beneficial step. Here the individual would learn properly as to what is the cheatsheet and how would they benefit from the commands in the cheatsheet. This sheet is necessary and a good requirement for the individuals as it would highly benefit them in order to know the commands properly. This would help the individual to know the formatting type as well thoroughly. 
  3. Official Discord Markdown Guide: The official markdown guide to the discord is mentioned on their website only which is the website. This site specifies all the required information that has been specified in the article in detail. It will somewhat still miss some of the other important factors which must be known to the individuals. It acts like a fairly decent guide to the individuals which will benefit them later on if they are in search of some help in cases of emergency. This site does provide help for cases that are usually sought help for. 


Discord is a growing gaming platform these days amongst individuals. It is very important for gamers as well as discord users to know about some of the basic and advanced syntax codes which would help them in the future.

This will help them to be aware with the other users in the application and will not keep them left out. But sometimes it is seen that there are different kinds of international keyboards and they have different features.

One must go to the official site of the application Discord which mentions clearly all the factors that are necessary for the user to be aware of all the important and necessary syntax codes.

Only if the user is made aware of these codes, then only will it benefit them hugely as it would allow them to explore and play around with the application.

If they aren’t made aware of the features it would be completely useless for them to own the application as a whole. 

It is true that this application is new and definitely, there would be some limitations to it. The builders of this application are yet to discover and fix the limitations.

It will take some time but till then the features that are mentioned in this article will help both the beginners and the advanced level gamers or discord users. It has several formatting texts which the users can benefit from using.

This article hopes to be helpful to those readers who are using the Discord application and these syntax’s which are mentioned in the article definitely do work as they have been tried and tested by many professionals and then only suggested here in this article. 

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