How To Fix Discord Screen Share Not Working

Facing an issue called discord screen share not working? Then we have got a solution to it. In this guide we mentioned by following the steps you can fix discord screen share not working black screen and all types of errors.

Discord screen share not working

Discord is an application which will benefit the gamers only. Plenty of online games are featured in this application. This will help gamers who are of a similar type to group together.

There are several issues when it comes to discord which would be difficult for the individuals to solve. This article here will help the individuals who are in difficulties with the share screen problem.

The methods or solutions to this problem are mentioned below and they have been tested before they are written in this article. These solutions have proven to be quite helpful for all individuals.

There are many solutions these days available online thanking to technological advancement. But not all of them turn out to be fruitful and some, in turn, turn out to defect the application further.

Hence, one should be careful in choosing the right one and here all the solutions mentioned will benefit the individuals using this application. 

Discord is an application for gamers to enable them to share the screen for various purposes but at times, it stops functioning and it turns out to be a completely blank screen.

The share screen option is an amazing feature of the application Discord which will enable the user to make video calls while using the application. The limit of such a share screen capacity is fitted upto 10 people at the same time.

The best feature of this application is that one would not require to install any additional software for this feature to work. This is quite an easy and accessible mode.

One would love to enjoy this mode but at times problems could arise when it stops functioning randomly. Solutions to the problems are given in various numbers which will be useful to the readers when they read it.

The solutions have been carefully thought over and even tried before it is suggested in the article. 

How To Fix Discord screen share not working

  1. Checking the game if it was added by the user:

First, the gamers have to check if they have added the game that they are trying to share on discord. To do this they would have to open the application and the game that they wish to share. They would have to click the settings button which is seen on the window of Discord.

The next step would be to click the game activity which is visible on the dashboard available. Then option should be added in and then click the select box which will enable the user to choose the game.

The user would have to press the add game button and it will turn the game overlay toggle. 

  1. Deleting the discord colder if cache: 

It is a common thing to see that some of the users who have been able to fix the discourse screen sharing by clearing the cache folder of the software. The first step to this solution is to close the application discord.

The user would then have to right-click from the start menu button. After clicking, they would have to select the options button which mentions run. They would have to type out the following ‘Input %appdata%’ in the Run open box and click the option okay which will open the roaming folder.

The user then would be required to right-click on the discord subfolder which would help them to select the date and that would help to restart the whole application discord.

  1. Turning the usage of the latest technology off till the time the solution has been found: 

The Shera screening of discord can be due to the problem of the latest technology setting as well. To turn this option off the user would first have to open the application Discord.

The next step would be to go to the settings option which is located at the left corner of the windows of Discord. From there they would have to select the tab which mentions voice and video.

The user then would have to toggle to use our latest technology to capture your screen. This would have to be turned off by the user if it was seen to be on. 

  1. Turning off the Hardware Acceleration setting: 

If the individual is seen to use a laptop that is of an older model and has no specifications, they would have to then turn off the hardware acceleration option.

To do this we would first half to open the software of the application discord and press the options button which mentions settings.

From the left tab of the women to the word have to select the option mentioned appearance. The user then toggles hardware acceleration. If it was enabled then they would have to turn it off instantly. 

  1. Running of the application discord and the game as an administrator: 

The user would have to make sure that they are running both the applications of discord and the game which they are trying to share with the admin who is seen with the permission.

To run the application of discord as an admin, the user would first have to press the Windows key and the alphabet S as the hotkey. The next step for the user would be to input the keyword discord on the search box.

The user is then requested to write click on the application which would help them to select the option run as an administrator.

From there the user would have to then run the game as an admin after right-clicking on the EXE file and selecting the option to run as an admin from the context menu option. 

  1. Reinstalling of the application of discord: 

Firstly, the user would have to type the following appwiz.cpl on the run installer and then click on the Windows 10 installer option. The user then has to select the appropriate software front he discord which is called from the programs and features.

After this they would click to uninstall and remove the application. The next step would be to even delete the leftover data for which they would have to open the Run accessory. The user then would have to required to enter ‘%appdata%’  in the option for Run and then click the okay button as well.

After this, the next step would be to select the folder of Discord and click the delete button finally. The user then would have to type in ‘%localappdata%’ the text box of Run and click okay which would redirect them to open the local folder.

Right-clicking of the discord folder in the local and select delete would be the next proper step. Then the individual would have to restart their old windows.

After this, they would have to click the option of download now on the discord website and get the latest version. They would have to reinstall this whole application of discord with the setup wizard.

  1. One must make sure that the application is not in fullscreen mode:

The application Discord does not have the advanced setting of the sharing screen in a full-screen mode. It can be done only in a windowed mode.

So, it is necessary for the individuals to be sure that the screen is not shared with them through the full-screen mode as it would be a big hindrance to their game. 

Frequently asked questions About Discord screen share not working

  1. What is discord?

Discord is an application suitable for the gamers which would help the gamers to interact and make new friends under the VOIP category. 

  1. Is the application of discord safe for usage by children?

It is safe for children or even individuals in a way as to who they are connecting or contacting. One can restrict the usage and settings for children’s purposes as well based on age. 

  1. What are the other alternatives to discord?

TeamSpeak, Troop Messenger, and Steam Chat are a few of the alternatives to the application of Discord. These are some of the game-oriented chatting tools which are available to the users. 


This article hopes to be helpful to all those people who are facing such similar issues. This is quite a common issue and one wouldn’t have to give too much time over it.

Above are all the different types of solutions which would definitely be one of the solutions to this problem. The language of the article is very simple so that it can help all the individuals who are in need of help to this problem.

The share screen of discord is a new change and addition to the application and hence one would expect to have some defaults. The user would definitely not have to worry since the issue could be solved clearly and easily.

The application is quite user-friendly so one would not have to be worried as well with the settings. This share screen feature od discord is amazing although it has some difficulties along with it.

This is a recommended feature and one must definitely give it a try when they do it for sure.  

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