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Looking to install Camscanner for PC then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you how you can install Camscanner for PC in 2020 for your pc needs.

The 21st century is an era booming with innovation, science, and technology. Even the simplest of jobs can be accomplished with the click of a button. In this buzzing world of continuous progress and vigor, we all definitely seek assistance for certain tasks. 

There was once a period of time when getting things done actually required great energy and time. Image scanners, or as normally called scanners, were first primarily introduced in the late 18th  century. Several models of this invention were improvised in the 19th century, and today, i.e., in the 21st century, it has become a multinational commodity. 

camscanner for pc

There are varieties of scanners available in the market, which are specifically dedicated to certain purposes. But with time, we could figure out that this job could be simplified even further.

We can today find a huge number of applications through our digital devices that make our lives more convenient and cut down the wastage of time. Not just that, it is also friendly to our pockets and easily accessible. 

Camscanner is one such app. It was originally invented in China in the year 2011. It allows users to scan documents using their smartphones. This is compatible with both iOS and Android as it is available on AppStore and Playstore.

All one requires to do is to scan a particular document that one wants to have in the softcopy form, using the camera of their smartphone. Once done with the process, you will have the document’s softcopy, scanned in your device, and you will be able to share it in the PDF or JPEG formats.

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The app works on a ‘freemium’ model base, which consists of both – the ad-supported version, which comes free as well as the premium version containing extra additional features. In this post, we will tell you how you can install Camscanner for PC.

How To Install Camscanner for PC

Camscanner also works well on a laptop or PC. But this will require you to get an android emulator service. An android emulator allows you to access such apps on pc as it acts as additional or third-party software and makes this work pretty convenient.

You could also choose other android emulators for your pc, but we highly recommend you NoxPlayer. This is among the top android emulators out there, which functions at an impressive speed and gives a great performance. It works really well on both iOS as well as android devices. 

Camscanner has been among the top apps used all across the globe. Its quick functionality and high clarity function make your images more crisp, professional, and clear. With a thousand reviews and acclamations, it stands out due to its updated features. 

We are here to tell you about every feature in-depth and in detail. Check out the features listed below- 

  • Auto image-enhancer quality- 

The scanner of any particular device can definitely scan any kind of doc, but what matters the most is the quality of it. Uneven exposure, shaking, or extra lighting can ruin the image capturing-potential of the scanner.

As a result of this, we get scanned images that are dull, blur, uneven, or have some parts missing in there. Camscanner gets this work done for you in minutes. It does not just scan the documents and pictures accurately, but along with that, it enhances the image quality as well.

It comes with an auto-enhancing tool, which makes the document look sharper and clearer. Also, you can easily export these files of any of your drives, sync it in multiple ways and share it directly. All of this happens at a considerably fast pace of time, despite the image’s amazing quality.   

  • The OCR for no more typing work-

OCR basically means Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader. It refers to the electronic conversion of any type of document  (i.e., it could be printed, typed, or even handwritten format) to machine-encoded text format. They are designed to recognize great details and hence, provide you highly-accurate information.

Camscanner’s OCR feature extracts details like texts or words from images for better editing and convenience in sharing. It is generally an offline process and does not take much time. On the whole, it can easily recognize 16 languages which makes it diverse and dynamic. 

  • The auto-edge cropping feature for more professionalism-

We all scan images or documents majorly for professional purposes. No one appreciates images or documents which have unnecessary elements in the sides, has a wrong document angle, diagonal background, or busy edges.

Hence, Camscanner’s auto-edge cropping function crops off all the undesirable and unwanted contents of the document and sets it to an accurate angle giving you a proper softcopy of it. Now, you will be left with just the required area of the document in proper visual resolution quality. 

This makes it look very appealing, clean, and executive. Therefore, within very little time and effort, you get an amazingly pleasing PDF or JPEG image ready, which can be saved or even shared instantly. It reduces manual work and even cuts-down on the extra cost that it usually demands. You will also be able to rename it or edit it further whenever you require, once you save it. 

  • Get your document everywhere, at any time-

Let’s say you edited a document right now by using your mobile phone. After an hour or so, you wish to make some changes in the same document but through a different device or you wish to submit a copy of it to someone. With Camscanner installed in all your devices, this becomes much easier.

 Always remember to sync the files so that you can access them from wherever and whenever you want. It could be your drive, any folder in your device, or you could directly access the Camscanner app. Through any of the ways, you will be able to find your document all set for your usage. 

  • Print or fax with convenience-

Unlike many of the Android apps, Camscanner is unique when it comes to this aspect. It allows you to print your documents through a wireless media. All you need to do is just connect the printer and your device. For that, you will have to access the ‘Actions’ section of the Camscanner application. Here, you need to select the document which you wish to print. Once selected, choose the printer icon and fill in all the details regarding the printer. This will connect both the devices, and as you enable the ‘print’ command, you’ll have the scanned copy with you in a few minutes!

You can also send a Fax to someone living abroad through the ‘fax’ option, which Camscanner offers. Just select the fax icon, select the country, and fill in the fax number. You will also have to tell the range of pages that you wish to send. 

This makes Camscanner super different and a highly advanced application that gets your work done in a few minutes. This cuts down on the tedious job of actually connecting the device, transferring the files to a word or note file, and then printing it.  The fax feature is pretty sophisticated, and it also saves much of your money. 

  • Share and collaborate with ease-

Camscanner lets you share all of your documents with your peers and colleagues easily after you are ready with all the copies scanned. Once you feel that all your documents look decent and are well-scanned, all you have to do is to click on the file you want and opt the media through which you would want to share it. 

You can directly generate an email, send a copy/link through WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, or any other social media platforms. 

A simple click will help you out and will send the document to many people at once. There is no much hassle involved, and hence, a lot of your time is saved as well. 

  • Different versions for different people-

Camscanner has very neatly designed different versions for users to have different accounts for their specific purposes. They provide different features based on their user’s needs, and hence everyone is assured of some really amazing benefits. 

  • A standard account scans your docs with high resolution, JPG images, or convenient PDF files. You can search texts on images and also have access to 200M cloud space. This account lets you enable sync between your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop computer.
  • The premium account allows you a high-quality scanning experience and lets you edit OCR results and export them as .txt files. You can also create a kind of Doc Collage for multiple pages along with a solid +10GB cloud space. You could add-in your colleagues or peers and invite up to 40 of them for collaborations. There is so much more to it!
  • With a business account, you get access to all the premium account features, and all the group members will be able to share one or multiple group folders. Group members can upload documents to group folders, and this reduces extra efforts that are involved in emailing one another. Group Administrators can view, examine, and also download the files. This makes it easy to manage all documents in group folders.

We hope that this article has provided you enough information about the amazing application- Camscanner and its equally dynamic features. Camscanner is banned in some regions and countries around the globe.

If you belong to any such location, you may not be able to access this app, unfortunately. With all of the above being said, Camscanner can be clearly viewed to be a very versatile and user-friendly application that is simple to install as well as to operate. Through this article, we have put in our best efforts to help you out and present a concise guide about the overall performance and features of the application. 


  • Simple user interface and design.
  • Easy operations.
  • Convenient ways to scan anything.
  • Auto-image enhancing feature.
  • Auto-edge cropping.
  • OCR cuts down extra writing work.
  • Wireless printing feature.
  • Fax can be sent to more than 30 countries.
  • Quick functioning.
  • Easy sharing and collaborations.
  • Different accounts designed for different users. 


  • Might consist of a number of advertisements popping up.
  • Is banned in certain areas and countries around the world. 

Conclusion To Camscanner for Pc

Using all the privileges that the digital world is giving us is essential. By using something like this, one can save a lot of money, effort, and time. 

It is easy to use, easy to operate and gives you the results quickly.

Camscanner for PC is an excellent application that allows you to scan images or documents through a very simple process. Along with that, it provides amazing facilities like the auto-enhancer, OCR to cut down extra writing work, auto-edge cropping tool, and even wireless printing. 

This application needs to be downloaded from the web, and it will require additional software like an Android Emulator, which we previously mentioned. Get the emulator on your device, and that lets you install the application in no time. 

For certain legal and security issues, many of the countries or regions around the globe do not let their citizens use it as it is considered to be banned. Hence, if you belong to an area like that, you will be prohibited from using the application. 

Using an application like Camscanner for PC totally depends on a person and his/her choices.

 This is our attempt to present to you a concise concept of all the possible information that we have found and collected. 

We hope this article has helped you to understand all the amazing features that Camscanner offers. This article is thoroughly researched, but we still encourage our readers to check the details of a product directly from its manufacturer.

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