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As the gaming world offers us discrete choices amongst games, the most played and developed games are the fictional ones. These games do not provide us with exposure to reality but to that of a fantasy world. It is always reinvigorating to play games, but what can be better than a tincture of sharp-wittedness accompanying it!

Some games are concocted in a way that results in the overall constitution of a person’s behaviour and character. Such games provide us with real-life situations which give us real-life experiences in return. One such app is Bitlife. It is a unique gaming app which enhances not only the experience and knowledge but also the overall character of an individual. It can be helpful in supporting you to become what you desire to.

As every human has his variant talents and skills, being able to deliver these to the outer world has its own ecstasy and exultation.

This game is different from other games because it conditions children to understand the repercussions of their choices they make akin to the real world.

The theory is that if the child sees the results of its actions in the game, it will make decisions more carefully and prudently in the real world. It allows you to decide if you want to have a good education, unprotected sex, etc. It helps you determine what the long term consequences of your life choices can be. 

About Bitlife

Bitlife is a very interactive and innovative game. You have ample of choice while playing it. It can be said to be a real life simulator which enables you to live your life without any designed rules or restrictions. Anything you prefer to become, you can choose and then follow it up.

For example, to say, one can decide to be a good doctor or can choose to be a good person or even the dumbest one. It has a concept that is different from the fantasy world. As your present decisions influence your future self and situations, the app helps you deal with real-life situations.

The game might be considered boring by the players as there are no images and practically no visual appeal. It might be considered a bad influence by some parents because it consistently offers choices like getting out of school, having threesomes, etc.

Every parent or guardian is entitled to decide when and how they want their child to receive such knowledge. It also allows you to decide your sexuality at the age of 13 and offers choices like assaulting someone or murdering someone. This may be considered as setting a bad example for the children or engaging in violent tendencies.

While the negative repercussions of their actions are indicated, a text-based game will not be able to convey the severity of the repercussions caused by their actions akin to the real world. The children who play this game might also end up taking major life decisions without being aware of the severity of the consequences of their actions.

The game might end up teaching them to give in to their whims and fancies at every step in their life, and that the only repercussion they will face for the same will be a text-based alert, stating the result of th

Download Bitlife PC

The game was developed by Candywriter and can be played on the PC using the emulators. Playing Bitlife on PC has a whole new experience. You can download the app on your PC through the simple steps mentioned in the next section to have a delightful experience that is not provided by any other gaming app.

The big screen gives you a sheer sense of indulgence, which exemplifies the game’s content to a much better level and view. Playing it on PC is more entertaining. Since the app is more of a text based simulation, there is no scope for playing it on a smaller device, as it will seem very robotic and boring.

The large screen will end up making it a more interactive game for the players involved and maybe make take more of an interest in the game. It might convey a much-needed feeling of control in the reel life simulation. It might also end up in making them realize how closely the game resembles the real world.

How to play Bitlife in your PC

There are a number of ways through which you can play this game on your PC. With the below mentioned steps using different emulators, you can play Bitlife on your PC without any disturbances and have an overall enhanced fun while playing.

1. MEmu For Bitlife PC

MEmu is an emulator that supports playing Bitlife on your PC. You can similarly, through your mouse and keyboard, enjoy playing it. One more advantage of using this emulator to play Bitlife is that it can cast your phone’s screen and audio as well. 

Follow the below mentioned steps to play Bitlife through MEmu on your PC.

  • First of all, download the MEmu app from its official website. 
  • Next, launch it.
  • Now, sign up with your Google account. If you’ an existing account, put in your credentials and sign up. If not, create an account and then go to the next step. Logging into your account is necessary, as it is the only way to download apps. 
  • Further, open PlayStore, and search for the Bitlife app.
  • Install the app and then head to set up your profile on Bitlife.Lastly, once this is done, you are all set to play the game.

2. Nox App Player To Use Bitlife PC

Nox App Player is another comfortable, effective, and powerful tool which can be taken into consideration for use. This emulator has an easy and organized interface, which adds to the overall well experience of using it. It has an overall satisfactory experience.

Below are the steps to play Bitlife on your PC using Nox App Player.

1. The app can be installed from the internet. 

2 .Post this, open Play Store and sign in. Or, you can make a novel account.

3. Search of ‘Bitlife’ in the search bar and click on download.

4. After downloading, install the app 

5. Once download is done, open the app, and launch it. Further, fill in your details.

6. Finally, you can start playing the game and have a joyous experience.

3. Bluestacks To Use Bitlife PC

Bluestacks is another excellent emulator that has a good and well-managed interface.

The following are the steps to install Bluestacks and play Bitlife on your PC. 

1. The very first step is downloading Bluestacks from the official website.

2. Then run the setup to start extracting files from the Bluestacks Setup.exe 

3. After this is done, a pop-up screen will emerge with the install button. Click on this.

4. Then it will require you to log in through your Gmail account. The same procedure as followed by other emulators for login should be followed here, which involves logging in with an existing Google account or creating a new one if you don’t have it already.

5. Then after this, open PlayStore and search of the Bitlife app.

6. Download and install it.

7. You are ready to play!


During the times of COVID-19, when being at home has made lives boring, the game developers have made several attempts to enhance the gaming experience.

The app gives humans a chance to create a fictional human being, which is called a Bitizen, which allows the to take charge to their decisions which may further result in their better or the worse. It does not really matter if your character is working in a firm or studying or living a criminal life. It always depends upon you that how you want it to live its life- the best one of the worst.

The following are the features of Bitlife 

1. The character can be customized, including the Bitizens. This feature, in a way, allows you to play like God.

2. Basic information of your character can be customized, such as its name, birthplace, gender, or county.

3. You can select your appearance. This will help you customize and innovative the details of how you look, such as the color of eyes, skin color, hairstyle, brow shape, lip shape, facial structure, etc.

4. Beyond health, looks, etc, you can also customize the athleticism which demonstrates your discipline, whether you are under or over achiever, fertility, willpower, and sexuality as well.

Keeping these features of customizations in mind, there are certain things which cannot be customized, such as your Bitizen’s patent from the new life. You cannot determine what kind of job do you want them to have

Additional features:

The version 1.27 makes it easier to get the Stupid Ribbon unlike previously.

  • Earlier, it was a choice to attend a funeral. But with the updated version, you would be tasked to attend the dead relative’s funeral and make certain decisions depending on various factors.
  • You can also fly to your birth country in case you might have emigrated without some relatives.
  • New family-friendly features are added.

Pros and cons


1. The app comes with many customizable features.

2. You can control how you look, what you feel etc.

3 .Easy to play and interesting game.

4. Provides with real-life challenges.

5. Makes you better at making decisions that will further reflect on your future life.


1. Can be said not to be good for children because the game has a wide number of possibilities, such as to help you become a murderer, etc. 

2. Certain chocies are unsuitable for children.

3. IOS version, as reviewed by players, tends to be more fun than the android version of the app.

4. The game does not offer a duplicate life for you to play the same character in the multiple saved games.

Version – Android

The android could be downloaded from the Google play store. It was released on 4 February 2019, which is nearly 5 months from when it was released for iOS.


The app receives an update every two weeks to a month. Since it’s launch, it has had many updates. It includes 30 big updates for iOS. Latest updates for Android are known as Ketchup updates, which is an attempt to give android users all the features of the iOS version.


The app comes in both light and dark themes. It switches the light to dark and red to blues, saving your eyes from damaging while playing in the dark.


The above mentioned points draw us to the conclusion to Bitlife PC.

As a number of games are present, such real life experience given by Bitlife is unmatched as many people would think that the app might be harmful to their kids. But the suitability of the game depends upon the maturity of the person playing it, either a kid or a grown-up man.

Bitlife provides you a unique and life-changing experience which shapes your thought. It also makes you able to make decisions at the times when they are the most required. It shaped you into an individual of your choice, again, better or worse, all depending upon your wish.

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