How To Fix Avast Using Too Much CPU: 5 Fixes

Is your Avast Using Too Much CPU? Then now that we have made a guide on how you can fix this issue called Avast Using Too Much CPU.

Now Avast is basically an antivirus software that is is produced by the Avast company for various operating systems and we don’t think that we need to go any deep into why is it necessary to have an antivirus on your computer or your laptop, what role does it play and why everyone installs one.

Avast Using Too Much CPU

Because just like there is an immune system to protect our body from different diseases, there is antivirus software that protects the CPU of our computer or laptop from various viruses and malware. 

And therefore it is very, very important to have an antivirus and Avast is a very good one at that. But here is an issue. Avast uses too much memory of the CPU of our computers.

And this can be for a number of issues that the Avast antivirus is taking up so much of your CPU usage and storage, all of which we will address in this article and you also tell you how you can fix it and how you can continue using the antivirus without it using so much space. 

These are really easy troubleshooting steps that you can use and will really true helpful in treating the high storage space used by Avast antivirus software.

But first, let’s understand the problem and then only we can fix it. First, let’s understand why is the Avast antivirus software using so much space.

Why is it using so much space? 

Now we need to understand that the Avast antivirus software is not as simple as it seems.

The reason we say this is because it doesn’t perform one but several functions on our systems, that is, it will be running a background check on our system, it will be scanning the system for any antivirus, it will be cleaning up our system, it will remove the viruses and so on and on and on.

And therefore you can imagine how much of the work it is doing in the background which we cannot see and which might be the reason that it is taking up so much disk space on your system. 

But however important work Avast software is doing on your system and however useful and significant it is, sometimes the usage gets so damn high that users just can’t deal with that and they go as much as to want to uninstall the software.

The software which is only helping them in the long run but since it uses up so much of space that it’s annoying. 

One other possible reason for the Avast antivirus software using so much space can possibly be the system settings that are configured incorrectly or even entries in the windows registry which are uneven. 

These were basically the main reasons that the Avast antivirus software may be using so much CPU usage on your system but the real question here is how do we fix it, what do we do that it doesn’t use at as much space? 

How To Fix Avast Using Too Much CPU

when you do not need to worry because this is an issue that can be fixed and can be brought under control and we are specially going to devise you some ways with which you can do it and clean up some of your space and have a good system back to you. 

So here are some of the ways by which you can do it. 

1. Removing the Avast cleanup tool: 

now the Avast cleanup tool is one of the most significant and important tools for the Avast antivirus software and it basically, as you might have guessed by the name, cleans up all the applications and stops them which are running in the background. 

Now you might be wondering that if all it does is clean up all the background applications then why are we suggesting you remove this cleanup tool?

Well, the reason is if you see a high CPU usage on your device and if you see that it is quite a higher number then probably it is this cleanup tool that is working in the background and you just can’t see it.

Therefore the thing that removing this tool will do is, it will empty a lot of your space and hence free it up. 

So basically just uninstall the Avast cleanup tool and see if it fixes your problem.

2. Command prompt tweak:

Now a lot of time what happens is when there is a lot of background scanning going on in your system then it tends to use a lot of your storage space. It causes a lot more load on the CPU or the RAM then you can probably think of. 

If you basically change the frequency of the scans and make them less frequent and lesser and lesser, you will notice that the load on your CPU and its usage has decreased by a huge number. Yes, the scanning will also be less but eventually, it will decrease the load on your CPU. 

So you might as well want to check it out and see if it works for you.

3. Updating the software:

Now one of the most important things that we tend to overlook is the fact that your antivirus might as will be old or it might be needing an update, so try updating your Avast antivirus software to the latest version.

Because a lot of time what happens is, it is your old, outdated antivirus software which needs an update that causes a lot of problems like these and therefore is taking up so much space so just simply updates it to the latest version and you might see that it just worked for you. 

4. Avast screensaver scanning:

Now another issue might be that the Avast screensaver scanning is active when it really shouldn’t be. So what happens a lot of times is the Avast screensaver scans your system even though the screensaver isn’t running.

And this application running in the background my be the reason that you are seeing such high CPU usage. So try disabling it and see if that works for you.

5. Repairing Avast:

Now in the worst-case scenario when nothing seems to work or if all of the steps that we have mentioned do not work in clearing up your CPU usage then you might want to try repairing the Avast antivirus software and that is by using the control panel. 

Also, a lot of the users who are also having this issue claim that this is a step that really, really helped in clearing up the high CPU storage caused by whichever reason.

Although, there are a few things that you need to take care when you are doing this step and that is because after you have repaired it, you will surely need to re-adjust some settings and reset somethings and therefore you need to keep some things in mind.  

And one of the things that you really need to keep in mind while doing this is that you need to make sure that in the Avast antivirus software you are logged in as an administrator. 

Well, these were the five ways by which you can fix the high CPU usage that is caused by several reasons in the Avast antivirus software.

Antivirus software generally takes up a lot of space because they are generally going through every file and folder on your system and checking for viruses and malware and spyware and cleaning them and scanning them and a lot of stuff.

It is quite common to experience such a problem when using an antivirus and Avast is a really good antivirus and therefore it does a lot of background scanning even if you do not prompt it to. 

That’s why it succeeds really well in keeping your system well protected from all the kinds of viruses and stuff like that but almost as a counteraction, it also causes a lot of trouble to the users and that is by having a lot of CPU usage.

Sometimes the issue can be so much so that the users almost delete the application.

But it doesn’t mean that these issues and errors cannot be fixed and there are some simple steps by which you can do it and all of them we have listed in the article and we hope that it helps you.

A lot of times it is the simpler things that help in issues like these rather than going for something more complex and complicated.

Therefore before you do anything of that sort, try using these simple steps and see if it works for you because they have been working for a lot of people. 


A lot of CPU usage by anti-virus is a common issue that is faced by almost all the users of any antivirus. And as common the issue is, the fix is also very common and very simple.

We tried to make this article for you to find a simple way to fix the issue of high CPU usage by the Avast antivirus software and we really hope that it was helpful to you.

However, if you have any more queries and questions you can always drop them down in the comment section below.

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