How To Fix Aura Sync Not Working (2020)

Aura Sync Not Working? Then click here to know how you can fix this issue of Aura Sync Not Working easily in 2020 with step by step guide.

Now to give you a bit of a context, aura sync is basically a software. It is a software that brings together or syncs the RGB components that you can find on your PC. and it does so very efficiently and effectively most of the times.

But what sometimes happens is, auto-sync fails to sync those components, and it restricts those components in a way that they are impossible to sync, and that can be very troublesome and painstaking. 

But don’t you worry because as always we have got you covered. Now there can not be one but various problems that can arise when the aura sync software stops working.

To name a few, they are- aura sync not working (the most basic one obviously), the software not syncing with RGB components, or the software not detecting motherboard and so on. 

And it makes us so furious and angry and frustrated when such a good thing as RGB components, which beautify your PC and enhance its beauty all over when that gets ruined by an app or software like this. 

Aura Sync Not Working

But let’s not lose all hope because hey, it can still be fixed and you can still get the syncing work done.

So leave all your worries and read on because in this post we have mentioned how you can fix all these problems that can arise when the aura sync software stops working or puts on restrictions on the RGB components or maybe doesn’t detect the motherboard at all.

we have shown in this post all the ways by which you can fix those problems. So read on to find out. 

But first, let’s understand some basic things.

How To Fix Aura Sync Not Working In 2020

Now many of you might know all about it but for those of you who don’t, here is what aura sync is all about.

Aura Sync has lately been one of the best apps for monitoring your RGB peripheral devices, just about everything from Motherboard, LED strips, RGB RAMs,  RGB fans and any other RGB enabled elements or components of your Computer.

All in all, it’s a very important and “must be in your list” app that every PC games lover or enthusiast or RGB game lover should definitely have. 

What can you do with Aura Sync?

Well, honestly there is a lot that you can do with aura sync. For instance, with the RGB LED there is a whole lot of different types of effects that you can enable and set.

Also, and here we are talking about every single component on your PC that is RGB compatible, that means its light is RGB compatible, you can control all those components.

Not only that, but along with setting up different effects on the LED you can also set the colour of your preference to it. 

So that was all about aura sync – how it works, what all you can do with it, now let’s understand what could be wrong with your aura sync software.

What’s wrong with my Aura Sync software?

There are some possible issues and errors that good be related to your aura sync software let’s look at all of them.

Now it is also possible the issue that you are facing might not be the same as the other person facing an issue with his aura sync.

That is, with software like this, different people face different issues that are exclusive of one another. so you need to understand what your problem is individually and work upon it.

Here are the possible errors:

Aura Sync, not opening:

Now, it is possible that often you might have noticed that, you are double-clicking on the Asus aura sync device shortcut icon but it isn’t opening. It can also be possible that you’ve :

Tried using the way of running the software as an administration or opening it from the search window. 

This occurs often due to improper deployment.

Stops working:

The aura sync software normally stops functioning for the difficulty in syncing with various components. 

Apart from that it often happens occasionally when you’re opening the app. 

Some times the error even displays as 

aura sync not answering like origin does often. It could be anything, seriously.

Aura sync also doesn’t work when the CPU is overloading for msmpeng.exe.

So you might wanna check for it. 

Buttons not responding:

Now, non-responsive buttons would be those which you can find a tad bit on the darker side of colours in the app. 

If your Aura Sync can’t locate any of the components to sync with it, then what it does is, it displays non-configurable buttons there.

Not syncing with RGB components:

So this is basically one of the most common problems that are encountered by a lot of people that the aura sync software doesn’t sync with RGB components. The reason for this is basically that the software only syncs with the components that it is compatible with that is, it will not sync with a component if it is incompatible and maybe it will have different lighting then or maybe even worse, It wouldn’t glow at all. 

Not detecting motherboard: 

Now we can’t even begin to explain how annoying this problem is when the aura sync software doesn’t even detect your motherboard. What happens then is, it will not even sync with the compatible components let alone the incompatible ones. 

and as a result, no RGB component of your PC will glow or will have lighting and it will just look like a dull PC that doesn’t have any RGB components, to begin with, and certainly, you don’t want that to happen. But don’t worry because we have fixes for all of these.

Well, these were some of the common errors that you might have been facing for a while now and which is why you are here. Now let’s understand what you can do about it and how you can fix it.

What can you do to fix it?

You may be exhausted from such problems after purchasing expensive RGB hardware. Now let’s go through the main point.

There are certain matters that you’ll have to consider before you even have Aura Sync to function as your wish. Secondly, you need to find out, and this is the most important thing, whether your components are Aura Sync compatible or not.

Because the motherboard is compatible with aura sync then only all of these solutions will work.

But if it is then you should download the aura sync app which you can easily find on its website. 

Now, here’s another thing you need to consider. Linking the RGB/ ARGB headers into the motherboard is really, really important for trying to light up your computer. If the link is incorrect or weak 

then it simply will not work at all.

Also, to ensure the Aura sync function appropriately you might have to uninstall the other RGB Lighting devices. 

You can basically go off to settings > Apps > the RGB device name > uninstall Or, Control Panel > Uninstall a program > the other RGB Syncing programs.

Although the app does not really disrupt the installation process it causes issues after installing the software. For instance: the Aura Sync app doesn’t operate when launching your PC and you’ll have to open the app individually to sync the RGB settings.

So basically these are all the steps that you need to follow for the aura sync software to work well with your RGB components as well as your PC and really light up the components but after you have done all the steps you need to make sure to do one last thing that will be the most important.

And that is to re-install the whole app, you have to reinstall the latest version from Google and this is the most important thing because if you don’t do this then everything that we have done will completely be in vain.

So make sure to reinstall it and remember to re-install it correctly with the correct steps.


The aura sync software not working with your RGB components and your PC can be quite frustrating and quite painstaking and troublesome. there’s nothing worse than seeing your computer look like a dull, sad PC with no RGB lighting when it does have it.

That is the reason that we decided to make this guide for you so that you can know what to do when your aura sync software refuses to work even with RGB compatible components. You can try these out and fix the issues.

 However, if the components are not compatible with RGB then there’s nothing you can do to fix that so make sure that they are and then follow these steps and your software will definitely work.

Also, you know the drill if you have any more doubts or queries in your mind you can always drop them down in the comment section below. Until next time stay tuned for more.

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