Following the debate on whether churches should be allowed to accept monetary proceeds from politician, a bishop has come up with a damning allegation against the pastors.

Bishop Paul Githinji based in Nyeri. Kenya is not subscribing to the church way of thinking as he expressed concern over the rampant manner in which many churches in the country easily accept gifts, particularly from politicians.

According to the Bishop, proceeds from political leaders are not the only ones churches need to be worried about.

“All the money that is brought into the church comes from prostitutes, brothels, thugs and thieves,” he argued.

While he did not necessarily rule out churches receiving money gifts from outsiders, Bishop Githinji came up with an unorthodox suggestion to have servants of God ‘purify’ the money before use.

“The servants of God should receive it and before you use it, should be sanctified. I also want to request the people coming up with this kind of agenda to come out. If there are people who are known to be corrupt, I would like to see them standing on the dock,” he went on.


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