Report has it that the man who allegedly mobilized thugs to molest and torture a lady over phone theft in a trending video, has been arrested.

According to barrister Jefferson Uwoghiren, the man was arrested yesterday evening, along with the manager of a hotel he lodged briefly in Benin City, Edo state.

The suspect was temporarily and amorously linked with the victim and subsequently complained of a missing phone. He collared the victim to a native “doctor”, around Ugbiyokho area of Ekehuan Road, Benin City, to determine the culpability of the victim.

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The victim was instantaneously pronounced guilty and asked to produce the missing phone. Victim’s denial and protest fell on deaf ears.

The suspect, native “ doctor” and apprentice native “ doctors” pounced on the victim , beat her up, striped her Unclad, and procured granulated chilly pepper, popularly called “ Akpoko” in local language and inserted it into the victim’s private part, all dramatically caught on video.

According to reports, a massive manhunt is on native “ doctor” and his apprentices .

The League of Patriotic Lawyers had earlier given Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Olusegun Odumosu, 24 hours to unravel those behind the torture of the lady.

  1. Nnamdi Emmanuel 2 months ago

    I can’t believe this kind of barbarism happened over a mere phone.

    All the perpetuators must be fished out and dealt maximum punishment for this inhuman behavior.

    I Wonder why it took lawyers to arrest one of the criminals.

  2. Hitman 2 months ago

    So barbaric and unacceptable, an act of wickedness and they have to pay dearly for it.

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