A man accused of breaking in to a home in Paisley has claimed he forced his way in so he could have sex with a teenage girl. Robert Docherty, 37, and Courtney Heron, 18, are said to have broken in to a flat with the intention of robbing the property.

But Docherty claims he forced his way in to the flat under the belief that he and Heron may have sex with each other, after meeting her earlier that day.

They had been texting and he wanted to take the relationship further sexually, but was homeless so didn’t have anywhere to take her.

He told the court they got on well and that Heron took him back to the flat under the impression it was her own place.

While he gave evidence, Heron, who is 35 weeks pregnant, got up and left the dock, shouting “I cannae listen to this, he’s talking f****** s****, man’.”

The pair went on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court and denied targeting the flat occupied by Alan Bell in Kilnside Road so they could swipe his belongings.

Giving evidence in his own defence, Docherty said he was living in a homeless hostel at the time and was not allowed to take guests back after 9pm.

He told defence solicitor Terry Gallanagh that he wanted ‘a romantic or a physical relationship’ with Heron despite their 19 year age gap. Docherty also said he found the teenager attractive and that he had given her a gift so hoped they would sleep together after breaking into the flat.

He agreed, when asked by Mr Gallanagh, that he “believed there was going to be some form of sexual contact” with Heron, adding: “Plus I wanted to make sure she was okay.” He said Heron took him to a flat in Kilnside Road, in Paisley’s Seedhill area, and that the close door was unlocked.

And he said he helped her gain access to the property – after she said, “I don’t have my key” – by making a hole in the front door that they climbed through to get inside.

After pregnant Heron got up and left the dock shouting she was ushered back in by cops.

Sheriff James Spy left the bench, while the jury were told to return to the jury room.

Both Docherty and Heron maintain their innocence and the trial will continue on Monday.


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