A man has made a shocking revelation on how he used to make money by exhuming graves and selling the best coffins to a funeral home.

The 33-year old man identified as Noah Makaza is now serving 16 years in prison at Chikurubi Maximum Prison in Harare, Zimbabwe after he was convicted of the crime of tampering with graves and stealing coffins for resale.

Makaza claimed that he would receive US$2 000 for some of the best coffins and US$400 for screws and other metal adornments to the coffin.

He was finally arrested after he fell out with his wife who reported him to the village head leading to his arrest.

In an interview with H-Metro, Makaza said; “most of our targets were places where rich people are buried like graves in various farms, and at one time we opened a grave at Unit L Cemetery in Chitungwiza”

“My wife is the one who sold me out after we had a misunderstanding. She was not aware that I was earning money through exhuming graves to get coffins for resale.”

She returned home without notice after I had chased her away and discovered the coffin and reported me to the village head, leading to my arrest.


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