A lady has taken to social media to reveal her displeasure with guys who take girls home and sleep off ‘on time’ for reasons best known to them.

The young lady blasted and criticised those men who will doze off after only one round of sex because of work or what they have to do the next day.

She revealed that she can not be in a man’s house and he will sleep off by 12 am and leave her all by herself because he has something to do the following day.

She said the man must wake up because he must finish what he started – else she will do something strong to him in his sleep.

The lady also asked how one can call himself a man when he cannot make a woman happy for 24 hours.

She said once a man invites a girl to the house, the sex issue definitely becomes till day break.

Nigerians have also reacted to the trending video with some also blasting the lady in return and others hailing her. see below



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