Some victims of fraud have advised the public not be like them after falling for the tricks of scammers.  The victims claimed that three men disappeared with their hard-earned cash. The men had promised them big returns if they invested in Bitcoin.

The scammers even told them the business was backed by the South African police minister.

But the men are now nowhere to be found and the victims from Mount Frere, Eastern Cape in South Africa are coming forward.

Nonkululeko Diko (32) said she heard about the investment scheme from a friend.

“We were told that the money would have tripled in 10 days. I put in R500 so I could have more money when I go home for the holidays. After the period, I went to check, but the offices were locked and their phone numbers went straight to voicemail,” she said.

Makabongwe Nakani (29) said he truly believed that he was going to make a lot of money.

“I was doubtful at first, but when I went to their offices I saw a picture of the police minister and a Sars certificate, I believed them. I was supposed to get my profit on Monday, but their office is locked and the men are nowhere to be found,” he said.

Nontsasa Lumika said she also invested R500, hoping to make R1 350 by month- end.

“I was alerted by a friend that the offices were closed.We went to the cops to report the matter and were told that we do not learn and no case was opened,” she said.

Police spokeswoman Warrant Officer Zilungile Nkamba confirmed that no case of fraud was opened at their cop shop.

“We do not condone such service from police. We advise the complainants to ask for the station commander if the police refuse to help them,” she said.




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