A transgender prisoner who sexually attacked female inmates has been sent to a notorious prison for men. Karen White, who identifies as a woman, has been transferred to HMP Wakefield, aka Monster Mansion.

The lag, born David Thompson, sexually assaulted two female prison guards during his sentence for raping two women.

White, 52, who is also a convicted paedophile, attacked the women while on remand for threatening his neighbour with a knife.

Now she is being taken out of the cushy New Hall nick to the prison which houses infamous sickos including Ian Huntley and Stuart Hazell.

A source told the Mirror: “It must be a bit of an eye-opener to go from New Hall to Wakefield, to put it mildly.”

New Hall lets female inmates keep chickens and lags have en suite showers in their cells.

In contrast, Wakefield’s Category A prison, is home to the most dangerous men in the country.

Other inmates include Charles Bronson and killer Robert Maudsley.

White had not started gender reassignment when she was sent to female-only New Hall.

She began identifying as a woman around the time she was remanded into custody, awaiting trial,

White has now started transitioning.

Friends said White was never diagnosed. They claim she was a drag artist in Manchester not transgender.

Insiders at her new prison say she is struggling to adapt and has become “depressed”.

A source said she is allowed to dress as a woman in Wakefield but does not have funds to buy make-up and wigs.



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