A model has claimed that contestants at the Miss Earth beauty pageant were offered victory in return for sexual favours. Abbey-Anne Gyles-Brown, a representative of England says one “creepy” sponsor demanded her hotel room number and invited her to his house to join “sexy dancing Latinas”.

She said: “From day one he was a bit creepy. He tried to take each of us away, telling us he had historic ­artefacts upstairs but there was only room for one of us at a time.

“He was weird and we all said ‘no’. When I complained, my team manager told me he was just ‘friendly’. I was made to feel like I was being dramatic.”

Abbey-Anne, from Northampton, says the businessman gave her his card at an official dinner on his yacht, saying she could call “any time” for “anything”.

At another event he asked for her room number.

Abbey-Anne went on: “He said he could get me further in the competition if I gave him my number. It was in a public setting and I didn’t want to show myself up so I politely put him in his place. He approached again and said he had ‘sexy Latinas’ coming to his house to dance with him, did I want to join? I went to my team managers and reported it. My team manager laughed in my face and said I was being petty.

“The photographer said ‘don’t cry, you’ll ruin your make-up’.”

Two others accused him of being a pest – one saying he grabbed her bare bum.

But when Abbey-Anne, 21, complained to organisers, she claims nothing was done and was even told: “Don’t cry – you’ll ruin your make-up.”

Abbey-Anne is Miss Earth England and flew to the Philippines for the global version of the eco event ­honouring “beauty for a cause”.

But she said the month-long trip was ruined by the alleged sex pest.

Abbey-Anne is a youth activist for Clean Up Britain and hoped success in the Philippines would boost her environmental protection work.

She joined 86 national winners and the crown went to Vietnam’s Nguyen Phuong Khanh, 24.

Abbey-Anne came home dejected. She said: “I was heartbroken. I’d put four years of hard work into something I really believed in.”

She claims an official ­complaint was ignored by organisers. Miss Earth Canada Jaime VandenBerg, 21, claims the same man harassed her for two weeks.




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