A fight at a McDonald’s turned into a bizarre brawl during which a man’s trousers and pants fell down and woman’s weave was ripped off.

Chaos erupted inside the fast food joint in Louisiana between customers and what looked like a female employee while two men also wrestled with each other outside.

Shocking footage from inside the restaurant shows a woman, who appears to be wearing a McDonald’s uniform, repeatedly punching another woman as her companions scream “chill out, chill out” and “let her go.”

Another woman, who looks like she is wearing the same uniform, is seen trying to pull her off the woman as the person filming then spins around and captures what’s going on outside.

The two men are now stumbling around the car park – but bizarrely one man’s trousers and pants have fallen down.

The man filming finds the whole thing hilarious as he points and laughs at the men, shouting: “What the f***?”

Back inside three female customers are seen fighting with each other while the female employee is being held back by a man.

The video was posted on World Star Hip Hop with the caption: “This went down in Louisiana McDonald’s. Flip Flops & weave everywhere.”

It is unclear why the brawl began and whether anyone was arrested in relation to the incdient.




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