A Nigerian lady has revealed how a man made her uncomfortable during her visit to a government office today in Lagos. According to Becky Ebanehita Madojemu, the man positioned himself in front of her as he declined to sit down despite many seats being empty at the office.

The beautiful lady also revealed that the man constantly stared at her while standing in her front, as she found the situation very awkward.

Below is what she shared on Facebook;

I’m at one govt office that isn’t mine.  The crowd is thin. We are all waiting our turn.  There are empty seats in the small hall, but this man refuses to take any.

Two officials have attempted to make him comfortable, he tells them “I want to stand. I am okay like this.”

Otiooo! Me, Becky, I am not okay because he is positioned right in front of me. Staring into my eyes per second, per second. Very awkward.

They should please hurry up and attend to me. 

In fact, let me move to another seat. I will do him shageh/wakah, if he looks my way after that.


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