A young man identified as Ifunanya, has been allegedly tortured to death by Nigeria police officers attached to B Division Warri, Delta State.

It was gathered that the deceased Ifunanya was fast asleep when officers attached to B Division broke into their apartment and surrounded everyone in the house with guns while in search for internet fraudsters otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Boys’.

They searched the house, found nothing and ordered Ifunanya and four others to enter their Hilux van before taking them to the station.

It was alleged that the officers tortured Ifunanya to get information but he couldn’t make it like others as he passed away during the brutal process.

Ifunanya fainted and was rushed to General hospital where he was confirmed dead by the doctor.

The police hurriedly arraigned the other people arrested with Ifunanya and charged them for armed robbery.

According to reports, the other arrested victims are currently in Okere Prison.

  1. SAMUEL AROME 6 months ago

    Very bad why police

  2. brendanchinaza 6 months ago

    Nigerian police are bad

  3. Ferreira 6 months ago

    Na Wa oo police

    • Laura ihekuna 6 months ago

      I tire

  4. RICHARDPLUS 6 months ago

    Nigerian police force need to be well oriented on how to do with people been arrested

  5. Wilsonmercy277 6 months ago

    Nigeria police really needs to trend gently with the way they torture people

  6. Slooman5 6 months ago

    This is serious ooo

  7. Falolatobi 6 months ago


  8. Daniel 6 months ago

    innocent boy….may his soul rest in peace

  9. Prince 6 months ago

    My God! Our own police ??

  10. adebesin 6 months ago

    all this matter of police and fsars or what did they call dem self is getting out of hand…. we youth I think it time to stand on our right and fight for our self………. RIP to the guy……

  11. Hammed 6 months ago

    When will this unjust and unprofessional act of the Nigeria police officers stop?

  12. David bassey 6 months ago

    What an untimely death

  13. Chimahez 6 months ago

    Hmmm Nigeria

  14. Chimahez 6 months ago

    This country self

  15. istifanus emmanuel 5 months ago

    may God help us in this our country

  16. kajena 5 months ago

    such punishment should be reduced.

  17. supertee 5 months ago

    Hmmm wat a life hmm I don’t think dos dat torture d boy have a Human feeling dey also av forget dat dey have a child u killed a gentle soul wat if dsam thing is applicable to child

  18. freedolin9 5 months ago

    What a careless and useless so called police men that past judgement without and prove or evidence and they must also be brought for judgement..

  19. Lucia 5 months ago

    Young innocent boy murdered by dreadly policemen

  20. Saviour john 5 months ago

    Rip bro

  21. ndubuisi david 5 months ago

    just gone

  22. atolagbe Ridwan 5 months ago

    These Nigeria police self.. Na God will save us in this country

  23. Freedolin9 5 months ago

    May God help us all in this country at the hands of the police..Amen

  24. Emmanuel Akachi 5 months ago

    Too Bad of police…
    Rip bro

  25. Kwinmide123 5 months ago

    This life

  26. Kwinmide123 5 months ago


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