Two schoolgirls have vanished after telling their parents they were having a sleepover at each other’s homes. Friends Jayden Hassan and J’Nea Beecher, both aged 14, were last seen leaving J’Nea’s house in Nunhead, South London on Monday afternoon.

Police believe they may have travelled to Essex and are appealing for information.

Yesterday their parents launched a desperate public appeal for help to track the girls down.

Jayden’s mum Terrie Mulholland, 36, told local paper Southwark News: “She was happy and excited when she left.”

The teens left Nunhead at around 4pm on their way to Teen Fest — an underage dance club event — in nearby South Norwood and were given a 9pm curfew.

Ms Mulholland added: “Someone said they saw her at Teen Fest, but then several other people said they heard the girls were going to Essex to meet with some boys they were speaking to.

“Jayden’s a teenager – she’s not perfect, but she’s not a runaway.”

J’Nea’s mum Samantha Brown, 46, added: “We just want her to come home safely — she’s not in any trouble.”



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