Brazilian model Suzy Cortez has revealed that she will not actually be rooting for the Samba stars who won Costa Rica 2-0 yesterday in a late dramatic display and will instead throw her support behind bitter South American rivals Argentina.

Suzy told Daily Star Online: “I do not like most players in Brazil because they played in rival teams in Sao Paulo. “I like Miranda because he is a former SPFC player.

“I really like Coutinho for his humility and for being the best Brazilian player. “I will cheer for Argentina. In the Brazil team I just like Coutinho, the rest, I hate the other players. “Argentina will be world champions for the simple reason that they have the best player in history, Messi.

“I’m a Messi fan because he plays for Barcelona and because he’s the best player in football history. “I lived half of my life in Barcelona and I’m a fan of the team.”

Suzy previously revealed she is set to strip off and pose in the colours of England with body paint.

She said: “I will do these photos to encourage the English team for several reasons. “Because I love London, I like Chelsea, I live near the club and the fans always recognise me and treat me very well, even though I cheer against them in matches with Barcelona.

“I’m waiting for Nike to send me the England team shirt and if I have time I’ll pose in red and white body painting. “I’ll do the photo shoot with the colours of England in June.

“I love London, it’s where I spend most of the year. “I’m going to cheer for England at the World Cup. “I am currently waiting for Nike to send me the England shirt so I can do the photo shoot.

“This English team will go a long way in the World Cup with this great generation of Kane, Alli and Rashford.”


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