The founder of Ebubechukwuzo Foundation Ozubulu, Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu Ebubechukwuzo popularly known as Bishop Ozubulu, was hailed as he strolled the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa with friends and many others. His presence was said to have alerted many other Nigerians from all corners in the city as they gathered with their requests as if they had expected him for so long.

Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu BISHOP in South africasa

The philanthropist selected some legitimate businessmen and rendered financial assistance to them right there.

Recall Ikegwuonu was accused of being a drug kingpin whose enemies and disgruntled business partners were out to assassinate in the Ozubulu Catholic church massacre which left many dead and others injured last year August. His father was also among victims killed in the attack.

Bishop who denied allegations of being involved in any shady business – said he has no knowledge of what caused the attack. According to him, he arrived South Africa on the day of the attack and had to rush back home when he heard of the incident.

“Honestly, I do not know anything about the incident otherwise I could have prevented it but only God knows”.

On his reaction after finding out his father was among those that were killed in the massacre, he said

“Honestly, I wept over the death of my father and all that were killed in the church because it is only God that knows how painful it was for me to bear the loss”,

Reacting to the allegation that his betrayal to one of his business partners is the genesis of the attack, Bishop said “People who know me well can testify, I do not owe anybody. I have a registered business in South Africa. I do not have any criminal record there or here in Nigeria from my childhood. But even if someone even says I betrayed him or her, he should petition, sue me as I am not above the law”.

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