A woman did yoga in public wearing just body paint, a thong, and nipple pasties to see whether passersby would notice anything unusual about her outfit—and the masterful optical illusion kept several people guessing. Body painter Jen Seidel and her daughter Kennedy teamed up with Ali, their model and yogi, for the experiment, captured in a video that Jen shared yesterday on her YouTube channel.

Ali was only wearing a flesh-colored thing and nipple pasties when the duo got to work, giving her faux blue leggings and a matching sports bra.

The intricate design made it look as though the sportswear ensemble had an abstract blue pattern overall and laces snaking down Ali’s legs as well as her chest and back.

After the body paint session, Ali grabbed a yoga mat and stepped out in Baltimore, Maryland, to perform a yoga flow while a steady stream of people walked past her.

She looked imperturbable as she completed her yoga poses in the bustling area wearing little more than body paint, and seemed to focus more on her asanas than on her almost non-existent outfit.

Meanwhile, Jen and her cameraman stopped passersby and asked her whether they could notice anything ‘different’ about Ali.

Many didn’t seem to think anything was amiss, and were convinced there was nothing special about the scene apart from the fact that Ali was completing impressive yoga poses.



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