Don’t know how true this story is but multiple online reports reveal what a woman in Yola, Adamawa state, did after she accessed her husband’s phone and saw his romantic chat with another woman on Facebook. Read the full details below;


Women be like her Please.

A woman in Yola Adamawa State took her husband’s Phone and access his Facebook, she realise and see romantic charts he does with women. She sat down and think of the possible way that she can easily use to separate him with the women. She came up with a beautiful idea, without even the husband’s knowledge. She came up with the following methods

1- She copied all his conversation charts with one of the women.

2- She open a new Facebook account with a Male name

3- She send a friend request to the husband, and he accepted the request unknowingly is his wife.

4 – After accepting the request. They started charting and she hide her identity and introduced her self to him. She said “I’m Abu Dar’daee by name, a Member of BOKO HARAM. I saw all ur conversation charts with my wife. Therefore I want to use this medium to warn you to stay away from her if you really want to continue existing on the earth. To clear any element of doubt to you, I have all the conversation with me and hear they are, you can see.

5- So, if you dont stop chatting with my wife then I’ll slaughter you like Ram.

6- I know you. I truly know you your name is Jamilu your father’s name is Mohammed, your mother’s name Khadija, you have 3 childrens. Al’ameen, Zahara and Yusuf. Abdulrahman is your best friend and Usman is your neighbor. You are a Lecturer working at FCE. You also go to work 9:30am with your friend Usman, you follow Jambutu street and you spend time together. I’m warning you if you dea call, text or chart with my wife again I will slaughter you like a Ram as I said earlier”.

The wife was close to him while he’s reading the text. As he’s reading it, he was shaking and repeating “Innalillahi WA innaillaihirraji’un”. she asked him what happened, he said nothing. He immediately deleted his Facebook and whatsapp and any other social media.

The following morning, he went and sold the phone in the market and bought a new one.


  1. Ibrahim Atabo 1 year ago

    As that solve her problem, did she take time to correct herself on what the husband dislike in her to enable the husband come up fully?

  2. Abdulkareem Sheidu Oba 8 months ago

    Of course she has demonstrated high level of intelligence in stopping her husband from chatting with another lady without harm to both her husband and the lady in question. However, it is not befitting for a muslim women to be probing into her husband’s privacy and cleverly stopping any relationship her husband is into as he is entitled to marry as much as four wives if he can treat them justly and provide for their basic needs. In fact she has to ask for her husband’s forgiveness as she has subjected him to psychological torture resulting from the BH threatening she gave him.
    What women should realize is if every man marries one wife, over 30 percent of the women wold live their lives without husband’s. More so, there are lots of instances where the second or third wife brings success to the entire family. Similarly, there are instances where step children became more caring to step mother the their blood children..
    Though, the mentality could be blamed to westernization or western civilization, Muslim women ought to know that Islam is complete submission to the will of Allah (SWT) It amount to disbelief to obey some parts and disobey the other part of Islam..

  3. Umm Nubaid 7 months ago

    Toh Allah ya Kare mu, but checking husband phone is spying which is haram and also a waste of time we shd hv better tins to do… Let’s not forget to always pray for dem… Do ur best for Allah’s reward but we should not come and kill ourselves

    We should not use haram to correct haram, displaying of pictures is haram and married woman at dt

    Please romantic messages between two other than a husband and wife is forbidden…men shd seek d proper Islamic knowledge on polygamy and how to go about it

    Whatever you say at anytime in it life or write in anywhere must be accountable for…

    At d end it’s u,ur deeds and your Lord definitely… So let’s all fear the day we will meet our Lord

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