A young man suddenly reportedly fell down in front of First Bank opposite Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium, Ogui road in Enugu state. According to Chijioke Okibe, the young man fainted after vomiting for some minutes and remained there. All efforts made by passers by to make him stand on his feet failed.

Some people are saying that this might be a prank by the young man to garner attention from the public while others said that the guy may have trully collapsed due to ‘hunger in the land’.

As at the time of filing this report, people had gathered in the area to help the young man.


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  1. Samuel Wickliffe 11 months ago

    It is pathetic what Nigeria has turned into. Someone vomited and collapsed and all people around could do was to take pictures and pass stupid comments. Nobody feels this person could need medical attention. At least get him to a government hospital around. The man could be a diabetic patient or someone suffering from suffering from some terrible condition that requires immediate attention. Who knows it could be any of you passing stupid comments who finds himself where he cannot help himself or where anybody who knows him is around. Where a person who has a serious medical condition collapses, immediate attention is usually necessary to save such life.

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