A rat was forced fed wine, doused in alcohol and then set on fire by a man who believed the creature had been ‘stealing bread’. The man, identified only as ‘Mr Shi’ tied up the poor rodent and then filmed himself torturing the animal.

Footage, believed to have been filmed in south-west China, shows the rat sprawled out on a mesh panel.

A bottle full of Baijiu, a strong rice wine which is about 50% proof, is forced into the animal’s mouth.

‘Mr Shi’ can be heard taunting the defenceless creature as he shouts “drink it up”.

People laugh in the background as he pours alcohol over it’s head and berates the animal for ‘stealing bread’.

He then uses a cigarette lighter to set fire to the rat and the group watch it burn to death.

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  1. Angela Carter 1 year ago

    R.I.P. sweet Rattie.
    However your murderer will burn in hell.

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