On Tuesday 17th October at about 9pm the Police Patrol Team from Elimgbu Division led by the DPO, SP JOSEPH OGUNLADE under the Command of CP ZAKI M. AHMED Commissioner Of Police Rivers State, along Rumuowhara Axis of Port Harcourt sighted an Ash Colour Toyota Avensis Car without Back Number Plate.

The Patrol Team Trailed the Vehicle, when the Occupants Suspected they were being trailed by the Police, they abandoned the Vehicle & took off. It was later Discovered that the Vehicle was Snatched from the Owner at Gunpoint at Rumukpakani Ada-George Road Axis of Port Harcourt.

Vehicle was Recovered to the Elimgbu Police Station. The Vehicle will be Handed over to Rumupkakani Police Station.

If you lost a vehicle with the above description please visit the Rumupkakani or Elimgbu Police Station to claim your car.


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