A mentally unstable woman welcomed a bouncing baby boy in Sapele area of Delta state. According to Sapele Oghenek, a woman who sells ‘Bole’ (roasted plantain) noticed that the mentally deranged woman was in labour by the roadside. She tried to assist her but noticed that the woman’s placenta refused to come out…

The woman called for help and a doctor simply identified as Ugochuckwu arrived the scene. The doctor reportedly injected the woman to aid her push and deliver the baby smoothly…

The baby who was safely delivered was taken by the doctor to the hospital as the woman’s family were located…

The baby has been named Excel, according to reports.


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  1. Dambatta Saleh 9 months ago

    Those who assisted her have demonstrated a true spirit of love, kindness, fear of God, respect for the dignity of other humans. It also demonstrates the shared attitude of ordinary Nigerians unspoilt by tribalism, regionalism, religionism and politicism. Definitely this could have happen in Sokoto, Kaduna, Jos, Maikudi, I Loring, Enugu, Uyo, Yenagoa or Bada Gary. Nigerians still have the humanity deeply rooted in them, especially the struggling masses. God bless the Plantation seller, the angelic Medical Doctor and all those who rallied around that woman to help her and the innocent baby. May she be cured of her mental illness, and the baby blessed with bounties from the Almighty God.

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